Jelly Legs

Today has been marked in my diary for some time as it was the day that my HM training plan said that I had to do the first "Race Simulation" run. According to MyAsics, that means 18K at around 10 seconds per K slower than target race pace. In my case that meant running around 6:10 per Km.

The first K was done in 6:12 and I have to say I felt pretty good and conditions were just about perfect so I allowed myself to speed up a bit and was able to bound along in the 5:50-5:55 range up to around 14K.

My route today was undulating/lumpy and it was around 14K that I noticed a significant worsening in my recovery times at the end of uphill sections. I was still pretty much OK but it then crossed my mind that 14K is only one third of the Marathon distance and I did ask myself what I was thinking signing up for one of those.

The next K or so were fine but when I was about 400m away from an absolute pig of a hill (it's around 13% incline for 150m) my legs suddenly began to feel very heavy but no matter, I was still pretty much maintaining my pace. When I hit Pig Hill though, my legs literally went to jelly and for a couple of strides it genuinely felt like they might give way! Thankfully I was able to gather myself but took it very easy up the remainder of that incline which it took an age for my lungs to recover from.

The remaining 2 and a bit K were not very pleasant but I got through them and they were a bit faster too (albeit mostly downhill).

Overall, I completed the 18K in 1:46:17 (average 5:54/Km) which I happy about but I am now walking around with a gait similar to John Wayne (who I am sure also 'dressed' to the left, Dan), my knees are a bit grumbly and I have pain across the top of my right foot. I am sure these will pass but they have helped me decide not to repeat this run next Sunday (as scheduled). I will do the 18K (indeed I might extend it to 19K) but I will target a much gentler pace.

Just 4 weeks to go until my HM now - doesn't time fly?

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  • Well done you, fantastic times and distance. I must confess as my Asics plan went on I strayed from the reccomended times as I just could not reach them. I was far away from the times they thought I could run and just did the longer runs at my own pace. remember to refuel those longer runs as well that will help with the muscle recovery.

  • Crumbs!! Great effort Dunder but do make sure you fuel up adequately beforehand next time, and take a little something to refuel with along the way. You sound like you just completely ran out of energy. That's a heck of a pace and is bound to take it out of your legs. Hope your recovery is swift and as painless as possible. Looking forward to reading about the next run

  • Thanks AM (and RFC).

    I was well fed and watered beforehand and added some honey and salt to my water but, I think you are right, some additional sustenance might have been in order.

  • Great run D. Hope you recover quickly.

  • Thanks Graeme - me too.

  • Wow. Well done Mr D. That's a mighty impressive pace & time there.

    You did 10k more than me this morning & only took 40 mins longer than me......

    You will nail race day when it comes. I'm sure! โ˜บ

  • Thanks Noaky and I am really happy with the run but I also think I pushed the boat out a bit too far today.

  • Wowzers dunder thats impressive stuff! :) brilliant pace, you're doing so well have confidence in your abilities ! you'll be just fine for your HM :)

  • Cheers Ali. Aside from anything else I learned a lot today.

  • Don't push too hard! Just stick with what feels do-able. You will nail the HM I'm sure. You might be slower but you'll finish it. Fast training is desirable but having done it, and having shin splints to show for it, I have serious reservations about it now, with the benefit of hindsight. We're new runners until we've been running for 18 month to 2 years so I think we oughtn't to get carried away with trying to develop too quickly.

    You'll enjoy your training and race much more if you're not overdoing the training runs. You'll still be building your fitness just the same, but won't be knackered or crocked come race day.

    It's about having fun and enjoying our running rather than chasing times and busting a gut, which takes the enjoyment out of it. If your HM is in some lovely scenery then take time to savour it and soak up the atmos

    Good luck x

  • Hiya missw.

    On reflection, you are right. I had no intention of running that fast today and definitely overdid things.

    I am still going to push myself to some degree when it comes to the race but also try to make sure I have something in reserve.

  • That sounds like a very strict training plan you have there, Mr D. Just thinking about running 18k is enough to make my legs go to jelly! Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the running - whatever your speed and your time, you're running circles around me :D

  • Blame missw, mfam ;)

    She swears by MyAsics and is their plan that has 3 race simulations included. Anyway my next 5 runs will all be much slower than today.

    ......... and you are going great, by the way. x

  • That was a very impressive run, D, but you might listen to some of the advice above! I would suggest you might need to think about energy intake during a run. Homebrew might be ok, but check there's enough calories in it!

    My legs are aching after my 2:00 17K this morning, so I dread to think how you might feel after a 1:46 18k!

  • Cheers Steve.

    Yeah, I will experiment with a couple of things on my 12K run on Thursday. The gels/solutions don't seem to do anything for me and I have trouble eating anything too dry but I have a couple of ideas for mid-run nutrition.

  • The gels are, quite literally, sh** for me. I've found the Shotbloks to work well, and not too difficult to consume.

  • By coincidence, I was just looking at Shotblok.

    And yes, I forgot to confirm that my legs feel like someone has had a good go at them with a sledgehammer!

  • Wow Mr D, that is some distance , Well done , fantastic effort.

    Sorry to hear your Jelly legs threw a wobbler :-)

    Have you tried Haribos/ Jelly babies or similar or a bit of flapjack or something ?

    What did you eat before your run ? :-) xxx

  • Cheers Pops. For breakfast was a double helping of porridge and a banana. I had plenty of water too and had eaten well the night before.

    I will experiment with a little bit of a few different things on Thursday.

  • How are you feeling today Mr D ? :-) xxx

  • Definitely better, Pops but my left thigh is still very stiff and my right foot hurts. Will have to look at the lacing on my shoes.

  • I get that too on my right foot, at parkrun my laces on my right shoe came undone flippin ' twice ! I had to stop and re-tie them and the second time I think I did them too tight. My shoe laces are the bane of my life ! :-)

    Glad youre feeling better, coupla days rest now, see how you are for the next one . I suppose it wont affect your training too much if you miss a run will it ? xxx

  • The next run is just a 5k jog which I should be OK for tomorrow evening (or maybe Wednesday morning ;) )

    I have heard a lot of people mention issues with their laces but have never experienced it myself, until now.

  • Well Dunder, that's some run. Totally in awe of that run and the pace you managed. Big congrats! You'll nail that half!!๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • I gave up on sweets as I hated the icky tacky fingers and sticky mouth. I prefer nuts and dried fruit, and home made energy bar. In my Karrimor jacket which I tied round my middle. That way the food doesn't get too hot and melt. I would eat the energy bar at the half way point. Yummy! Flapjack is lovely too. All sorts of possibilities with bars and flapjack. Easy to make and much cheaper than the bought ones.

  • Fab run Dunder - you are fighting fit. You may find the next run much easier, having done the distance already. I sort-of followed the Asics plan but didn't do either of the race-pace 18k runs (mostly because I was nursing a dodgy ITB knee) - I do think they're a little too hardcore anyway. My sequence was 12k/16k/10k/race day (though I'd run the full distance a few weeks before that) - it did me no harm! I found the 8k build-up runs incredibly useful though, a sort of microcosm of the effort levels needed to run a half marathon at a steady pace, if you see what I mean.

  • Thanks TT.

    Yes, I see exactly what you mean. At the back end of August, I did three 12K build-ups each of which was faster than the previous one and really found them worthwhile. The 8K build-ups in the tapering phase should be similar.

    My plan actually has 3 race simulations in it which, I agree, is over the top.

    It has been in the back of my mind that I might be able to break the two-hour mark but yesterday convinced me that it just isn't on (not on a hilly course) and as such, I am more than happy to drop the pace right down for next week's long run and to take the final simulation a bit easier too. I would still like to go under my initial 2:10 target, though.

  • Don't go off too fast! It's so easy to do as you see everyone tearing ahead, you think you'll be last, you want to make progress. You get stitch! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Calm down, calm down. Steady as you go. There's that's better. Start overtaking the fast cats who blew too early. Two hours is very ambitious, specially if hills are involved. Those long uphills - even innocent looking ones - are hard work and you can't rush them. You keep busy though Dunder, as there's so much to see and take in, that it goes really quick. I faded terribly at 20 k and thought I'd not finish, but you find a second wind but it was a bit scary for a bit

    Have fun though, that's the best plan

    Good luck and I wish you well with the rest of the training. Take care!

  • Thanks missw.

    Two hours is out of reach, I have accepted that and in truth, mostly because of the lumpy route, it was only a passing thought that it might be in reach.

    All of my long training runs have been on hilly/undulating routes so I am as prepared as I can be for the topography.

    As mentioned, I would be quite happy with the 2:10 that I targeted from the start and will pace myself to that for my last race simulation (in 12 days) and the race itself.

    How's the recovery progressing?

  • I'm doing the exercises the physio gave me twice a day but it's still not right. I go back to the physio is 7 days times. Counting the hours!

    If you've prepared for slopes and undulating bits then you should be ok. My HM had a really long hill at the start which was a bit morale sapping. Still, it's the same for everyone isn't it. The crowd was sparse at the one I did. It was ok in town but once the race got into the countryside there was no-one so the atmos felt flat

    We have a marathon and half marathon coming past my house next Sunday. I was supposed to be running in it (as a team member) So fed up not to be involved. I wasn't ready for the full marathon last year but thought I could do it this time. Not to be, sadly.

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