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Gait analysis early on?

Me again! Have some spare time and was thinking about heading out and getting some proper trainers. At the mo I'm running in primark trainers aha, would it be worth forking out on gait analysis at such an early stage? (Currently working through week one, with a long run each weak at my own pace - currently about week 4 level I guess). Interested in your opinions!!

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I got my proper running shoes at an early stage in the programme, w2 I think, but it's up to you, those Primark trainers may not have the shock protection that's provided by a dedicated running shoe, so by w4 if you know that you will stay with running it's time to get proper running shoes following a gait analysis. There's a link in the link below called which shoe's..


I’m in Canada and gait analysis is done for free here at the running store - not sure if it’s the same where you are, but definitely worth it for me to get the right shoes. They even helped assess proper sizing and went half a size up from what I would have selected myself.


Get it done at a proper running store. They shouldnt charge you. IMO it’s never too early to get proper running shoes. Your feet will thank you, and you will avoid injury as the runs get longer 😊👟👟

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I got proper runners but they were cheap from sportsdirect. Still pukka jobs though.

I didn’t get gait thing done til much later and then I wasn’t impressed.

If you go to a dedicated running shop you should be fine. I don’t include Sweatshop in that! The shoes I got were great though.

Trying some on is important. You need at least a half size up from your usual shoes

If you don’t know whether you will stick to running at this stage I wouldn’t spend a lot on shoes


Oh and you can always find the prefect shoe at the running store and then see if you can get them online cheaper if you want.


Thanks all! Went to a running shop, ended up being suckered in and buying the shoes they recommended, they're so comfy (and pretty) and I'm in love! They showed me how much my ankles were collapsing in my old shoes and went up a whole size (!!) I'm fairly certain I would have done myself an injury pretty quick in my old shoes


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