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W1R3 Complete!

Hi - new to the boards here and a complete newbie to running! I am delighted to say that I have just finished W1R3 and I feel great! I have had various small issues to deal with during week 1 (no clothing, no trainers, not sure of route, something to play podcasts on, slight calf muscle pain), but reading around the posts and taking action has helped enormously. Today I did a little bit of dynamic stretching first, listened to the podcast whilst running (one issue was I had nothing to play it on earlier this week, but I do now - thanks second hand shop haha!) and stretched a bit afterwards. I found listening to the podcast meant I could concentrate on keeping my pace slow and steady and, in actual fact, I think I covered a few hundred extra meters as a result lol!

I have been living a completely sedentary lifestyle for several / many years, so this program is exactly what I need to try and get some / any fitness back into my life.

I stopped smoking five years ago (after 20 + years of 20 a day) and also stopped drinking (completely) at the same time; since then, the pounds have slowly piled on (I work at a desk job), so, and I'm not sure what or how or why, now is the time to do something about it all. I'm in my mid-40's.

Anyway, better get ready for work now - to anyone with doubts during their first week or just before starting the program - you will still have doubts after you start, but keeping positive and working out the little issues quickly made a massive difference for me!

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Well, yesterday my calf muscles ended up being really stiff and sore by the end of the day, so I obviously must have worked them on my run. I am pleased to say that they feel much better this morning, and hopefully will be even better by tomorrow morning when I tackle W2R1.


Well done on stopping smoking and being alcohol free; seems like the next step will be just as rewarding, keep at it...


Thank you :)


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