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Week 3 has begun!!!

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Hi all hope ur journeys are going well! Started w3 r1 today, I have dreaded it since week 2 finished. I did it, although I felt a little bit sad after watching the muscley guy next to me on the treadmill run at a speed of 11.5 for around 20 mins and there I was just grateful to be making it through 3 minute runs at a much slower pace 😳 still not taken my runs outside yet just can't seem to get that confidence that it's taken me so long to get in the gym.... one day!

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Well done Lisa. Just get outside now the weather is getting better - it’s way better than being inside. There are so many people of all different ages,sizes and abilities out there that you will just blend in. Go for it - loud and proud lady!


Yay, week 3, go you! I run outside precisely to avoid comparing myself to the people next to me on the treadmill. That and also to avoid constantly changing the speed of the treadmill to run, walk, run, walk. People and cars go flying past my slow paced jog, but it doesn’t matter because none of them is running next to me the entire time - they jog past, I nod hello, and then they’re gone. The other thing is, no matter the weather, it is nice to be in the fresh air. So, grab your courage with both hands and venture out, I am pretty sure you won’t regret it. (I am just finished wk3 and always jog outside).

I am just about to start week 3. I run outside cocooned in my own little world of Sarah Millekan and music from La La Land so I no longer feel self-conscious. I agree with the others- running outside is so exhilarating. Please do try it if you can - and I am sure you can given how much you have achieved already :)


You are only measuring yourself against your own progress. Everyone else is irrelevant unless they are part of your support team.

We're now on BST, so nice light evenings for an outside venture. Just try it once a week, if you prefer.


I have always run outside, at first I was soooo embarrassed, felt like a walker from the Walking Dead ? coming up behind people. 😱 But persevere. It's getting brighter and it's lovely running in the fresh air. Be proud, you've made it to wk 3 πŸ˜„


Talking about "Running beyond 5K", I am just wondering if there are any runners out there who are doing this Sunday's London Marathon who started here on C25K, if there are any, I wish you all the best for this Sunday (22/4/2018)

Hi. I felt nervous running in the local park at first.. I am doing W2R3 tonight .... but being stuck indoor all day for five days a week at work, it is wonderful to be outside. Noone notices you whether walking or running and as someone else said, there are all ages, shapes and sizes to blend in with

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Nat26

Agreed. I am one of the least body-confident people but outside no one really cares about you and what you are doing. I can’t face going into a gym, so well done for that!

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