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WK3 !!

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Hi all

So I have just done the second run of WK3, and found it much tougher than the 1st one. I think it might be because on a Tuesday I have already walked to work and back, which is just over an hour of walking, but at least I did it. Final run is Friday so I have 2 rest days at least. I did feel tired this morning for some reason, but feeling positive.

It's weird that each run can be so different! One really good thing, I have had a painful left hip for some time and it was getting bad enough that I was going to make an appointment with the GP, but since I started running it is so much better with hardly any pain now, so definitely a bonus.

On a lighter note, mum came home from a 2 week stay in hospital and is now happily back home, so one less worry.

Happy running everyone. x

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One less worry indeed...:) Take it steady and just go gently:)

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Our runs can vary in quality it’s true, for no apparent reason. Just work your way carefully through the sessions and you’ll be fine. If you go steady then things should be ok

You do get new runner niggles which you should lose along the way as you get stronger 🙂🏃‍♀️👍💪

Hi, I’m glad everything is coming together for you. It’s nice when it all comes together and having mum home is an emotional boost too. Keep going Beestonbabe what you are doing now will benefit you and your mum😊

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