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Couch to 5K
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Run 1 is done...just!!..

1st 90 sec run was ok..I've a habit of running too fast on my 1st run..(Too Eager I think..lol)


1st 3min run...thought I was gony pass out ..thought I would have had to stop. But!!..a don't know how I did it..but I pulled it back and on ma 2nd 3min run I felt ok..

this podcast is shorter..an believe me a was glad for that..lol

but I really still enjoy it..a have a mega buzz when I get home after I manage to complete the run..


Have a great wk-end folks...happy running...

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Nice one Juliewooly. That's the ticket. Remember what Laura says - "A slow comfortable jog". That should be your pace. You're out to gain fitness and stamina and you are exactly on the right course! Gotta love that feeling once you get back home eh? It's fab!


Yea your right .... I think am a wee bit addicted to it...lol am working on my 1st run running at a slower pace.. But i always end up going faster... Hopefully as the programme goes on I find my pace at the beginning.


Great stuff Julie. That buzz is so worth it! Enjoy R2 now you know you can do it... but start off slow :)


Thanks... Im really enjoying it..a know its going to take time and there is the "bad" runs and the "good" runs..am working on my pace at the beginning... As the programme/weeks go on i will find my running at a pace that is slower..(not too eager!!...lol)


Well done! You've just got to keep on going on those runs, and when you make it through then thats another one ticked off on your way to graduation... have a great weekend too!


Thanks.. Am back out tonight on ma 2nd run on Wk3.. Looking forward to it.. I really do enjoy it..i know its a struggle at times but i do enjoy ticking off another run.. Lol

especially when i nearly gave up.... So glad i never but im glad i understand now how it feels when challenged on a run.. Onwards an Upwards..lol


I've just finished week 3 and struggled a little on the first run, but by the third one I was amazed when Laura was telling me it was time to walk because I felt like I could run longer. Keep at it, you have a great attitude and I'm sure you'll find the run easier next time :)


Well done .... So there is light at the end of the tunnel..lol

Thanks for the feed back i appreciate it..especially as you have just completed the wk i am doing... It was a struggle on my 1st run then when i managed to pull it back and was enjoying it.. I felt the run was over..lol

It wasnt till i got home and checked the chart (i printed the one from heer) that i noticed Wk3 runs are shorter.. Must be to do with the longer runs and not pushing your body too far too soon... Well tonight will tell as im out on my 2nd run..thanks again and good luck ..


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