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Week 2 Run 2 under my belt 😊

Lovely second run yesterday, but was unprepared for the strong headwind! Luckily, I was wearing sunglasses (wow, sun!), which I actually needed more to protect eyes from the gale. I was surprised how quickly the first 90 second run went.

No ill-effects though one knee felt strangely sore after run 1. Having had two days between first and second was probably a help and pain has not returned.

Have decided to keep my C25k project as a little secret from my partner for the moment (I want to surprise him when I can run for 30 mins non-stop - fingers crossed it happens!) which means fitting in all the runs during the week but it is fine - it helps me to have that structure, in fact.

Hope everyone is enjoying better running weather this week!

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Looks like we are at a similar stage and needing support and motivation to see it through. We should get to graduation around the same time so hopefully can keep each other motivated to get there on here. Structure definitely helps me too.

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lol another underground runner, I have told the other half but not confident running in front of people, so i am sticking to running with the dogs and sheep. Well done

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