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Cto5k - 3 weeks in - aching quads


Running for sport/health is completely new to me and I have a largely sedentary job, Whilst I am really enjoying the running (to my surprise) I'm struggling with quad pain (dull ache) immediately above my knees when at rest, and particularly at night.

I'm properly warming-up before a run (5 min brisk walk and stretch) and the same at the end. I'm finding the running physically quite tough, especially on my legs, but it isn't stopping me because I'm really enjoying it and, whilst running, the lower quad pain/ache goes completely.

I thought this discomfort would have subsided by now as I'm three weeks-in but it hasn't really changed. What has changed is I was initially getting pain in my upper shins but that has mostly gone now.

Would be grateful for any insight.

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New runners niggles. Your body is feeling the new exertions. Do the sessions very steadily, no rush, and as you work your way carefully through the programme hopefully you will lose the niggles.

i had ankle and knee aches but lost them along the way 👍

Are you wearing running shoes ? You don’t have to spend a lot but a proper pair of runners is best

clavicus in reply to misswobble

I'm not wearing shoes that are specifically for running but they are reasonably good trainers with good heel protection. I am considering investing though.

Thanks for your reply

misswobbleGraduate in reply to clavicus

At this point you don’t need to spend a lot

I got on great with my Karrimor tempo from sportsdirect

misswobbleGraduate in reply to misswobble

I’ve only done a few beach runs but what fun! 😁

Planning to do lots more of it. Got my next jaunt lined up 💪👍🏃‍♀️


As misswobble,

Some more great info in the link below..


clavicus in reply to davelinks

Wow, that's quite an article, and very informative, thanks!

I am in week 3 as well, and I am finding it quite hard. I have been a runner in the past, trying to get back in shape now and I found aches in the beginning were quite typical. 2 things that helped me: running on softer surfaces - in the park/on the path in the country rather than pavements and a cold shower (sometimes just on my legs as admittedly not a pleasant experience). Best of luck! :)

Oh yes, really looking forward to a cold shower ;-)

Thanks for the tips :-)

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