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W3R2 - did 3 rather than 2 reps, is that a mistake?

Just wanted to post a quick question - I have been enjoying C25K so much and now I have found this forum I am completely beside myself with excitement (and if someone had told me running would make me this happy I would have started ages ago!)

Anyway I went for W3R2 today and was really enjoying it so I did 3 rather 2 of the reps - do we think that's a mistake? I just wanted to push myself a bit further today.

Thanks! Ex

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Yes. you are formally disqualified. Please delete the app and never run again.

Or no, as long as it was within your capabilities it's all good. Probably best not to take this as carte blanche to overdo it all the way through, though.



It's very unlike me to overdo exercise so I am thinking it's a one off. I am dreading week 4 tbh as it looks so full on!


It's great to hear how well you're doing Emma and isn't it amazing the high you get from running? but, and it's a big but, it's early days for you yet and the last thing we want to hear is that you injure yourself so please don't get carried away with it, just do as Laura says for now, she knows best.

There will be plenty of time to push yourself after you've graduated.

Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.

PS According to "People Near Me" on Health Unlocked, we're within a mile of each other so you'll probably overtake this old dodderer now and again. ;)


That's what I thought! It's unlikely I will overdo the other weeks - they look so difficult - I am dreading week 4

Say hello if you see me! I probably won't run in the orange hat tho

Did you run three times a week still?

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Don't worry, you'll get through it, you're getting stronger with every run.

No, just a couple of shortish runs a week for now.


Welcome, sounds like you're doing great. I would echo worries about over doing it though - best stick with what Laura says, it's a tried and tested programme that has got thousands of us through. Being on the injury couch is the pits so do take care.

Good luck!

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Yes that's what I thought! Thanks for replying x


Well done, you're only a few runs behind me. I was dreading wk4 but have just returned from run2. You'll be amazed by your progress.

Keep us posted


Well my legs felt awful today!! Serves me right. I play tennis the two days between my runs (only doubles) and decided not to play this evening just in case I pulled something.


The programme does get a bit harder as the weeks go by. I think the first weeks are designed to get your body used to the idea of running. Once you've got used to it the time spent running cranks up.


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