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Week2 run1

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On to the second week and still eager to go which is surprising.

Did another quick change after work and found a nice muddy trail on the way home. I felt quite comfortable the first week, but I certainly noticed the difference with the increased run time today. No worries I got this πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

On another point entirely, I stopped off at Newstead Abbey on the way home thinking I could do my run in there but it was a quid to walk through the gate 😲 sorry mate I haven't got my purse on me ... lol

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We'll done.

Good to hear from people a day or two ahead of me...


Well done you. All my previous runs have been in the mud and on 3 runs it rained on me.

Life here is warming up and the tracked are drying out.

I love the heart


Well done! πŸ‘

Awesome work. Keep it up. You've got this.

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