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W2R3- had a blonde moment!


Just completed my W2R3 on the treadmill, but oh man was it a struggle! I started and it felt like there was more of a strain on my legs...even the brisk walks became a struggle. Nothing felt right. I was coming up to the last two 90 second runs and I thought I was going to have stop...

Then I look at my treadmill...I’d somehow put it on a bit of an incline!! Duh. I put it back to completely flat and it was so much easier. Oh well...looking forward to W3.

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Ha this made me laugh! :)

When I jog on the treadmill I set the incline to 0.5 or 1% incline as apparently this helps to mimic being outside.

Hopefully your next run will be a lot easier! :O :O

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That’s a good tip, i’ll set it to 0.5 to get me prepared for running outside!

I had it set on 3 which was a bit more difficult 😂

SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Hidden

As Tbae says though don't stress too much over it. You can get your confidence first and always do it later on. :)

Yes SuperMouse is correct to simulate and ease the transfer to outside.👍

But running is running and do not go stressing about the one degree.👍

If you are continuing with the Treadmill and it suits leave it flat🤔, as your legs and lungs strengthen you can revisit it later.🌟👏👏

Is this your first post and have you had time to read the FAQ Posts.🌟👏👏

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Yeah it’s a good tip from SuperMouse, I’ll set the incline to 0.5 from now on. I had it set on 3 which was a bit tougher 😂

No ive posted a couple of other times and had a look through the FAQ posts 😊

Tbae in reply to Hidden

It is actually part of the FAQ Posts and the C25k programme.🤔

Yes I see you have posted before.🌟👏👏

Keep enjoying it.🌟👏👏

Yes good , look after yourself.🌟👏👏


Incline training will put you in good stead later on when you have completed c25k which you will. I had a similar incident on my treadmill. I had finished c25k on the treadmill and was reading that going from treadmill running to running outside can be a bit harder due to the fact you have wind ,different surfaces, and of course inclines. They say set your treadmill to 1% to mimic the effort needed outside.

My treadmill only has manual incline and only one position and I had no idea what the incline was. I started off running and nearly had a heart attack as it was so hard and I was struggling for breath. In the end I run for 5 mins and walked for 5 mins as there was no way I could run without stopping. I did this for 1/2 hour a time 3 times in one week.

I thought surely running outside is not this hard compared to treadmill. In the end I did some homework which I should of done to start with and found my treadmilll has only one setting for incline 4%!!!!! No wonder I was struggling but it done me a lot of good in the end but never done it since (-:

Hi Zelda the incline setting is helpful if you intend running outside as it more mimics the reality of the outside terrain. But 3 in W2, probably a tad ambitious! Good luck for W3, its a nice week

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