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W2R3 Ouchies and Worries

Finished W2R3 today. Guess I was just off my game but it's the first day I've not felt a real improvement from the previous run.

Actually it was so uncomfortable I had to keep stopping to stretch during the walks.

At the end of W2R2 I was gutted to be finishing because I felt like I could do the whole thing again but today even on the very first run I knew it was going to be a battle.

I can't put my finger on what made the difference which makes me really nervous about starting W3 on Wednesday.

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Laura will tell you that some runs are better than others and that there is no rhyme or reason for it. Don't worry. Just do your next run and move on. What's done is done. Just take it steady and you'll be fine. Most problems folk experience are caused by trying to run too fast. Slow it right down and you'll be fine


Make sure you're running slow; take extra 'rest' days in between if you're feeling the need; stretch out after a run really well. Last thing you need is an injury (spoken with experience!) and move on to the next run :) you're doing great :)


KEEP GOING it is worth it. I am only up to W5r1 I've struggled all the way but feel great about it, at the end of w3 and w4 I did the last run again as wasn't sure I could move on but you do manage :)


This forum is the best thing ever! Thank you everybody!

Thought I'd update - I've now finished W4R1.

For some reason run 1's are always easier for me.

Now I've established this, a crappy run3 is less gutting. That day I just really felt like I'd somehow got back to square1 and that I'd never make it.

I'm excited about starting new weeks now beacuse they are my new challenge and a very obvious way to see progress.

Thanks again x


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