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Well done flower! W2 R2


For the first time ever (and I am 53) I have exercised before work and am just finishing the final bit of my commute and will arrive by 9.10. Like everyone else I find reading about others experiences incredibly motivating so thank you and it is also lovely hearing Sarah Millekan say “well done flower!” at the end of the session. Can’t wait till Sunday.

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Well done!! Aww I also love the endearing things that SM says 😊 In the early weeks it made me feel quite emotional - I don't remember too much praise being given out when I was younger, so i'm grateful for it aged nearly 50! Happy running, keep going! 😊

Thanks for your encouragement!


Well done Skylark. I am 55 and also on W2. I will be doing R3 this afternoon. I also love having Sarah in my ear!

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