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First Sign of Bluebells

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After a rather epic run on Tuesday, I decided that today was a 5k sort of day. This meant choosing a different route than my usual selection, and I was so glad I did. My walk took me up to the local park where I started my run, and after a couple of laps, disturbing several beautifully coloured goldfinches I was on my way to Kidney Wood (a tiny copse not far from me). I was trying to run a little faster than usual, but as I was getting into my stride I noticed a few glimpses of blue in the undergrowth. I carried on running for a while and then spotted some more. So I stopped, who cares about speed when you can just spot the first appearance of some blue bells. I know there weren't many, but in a couple of weeks I'm expecting to see a carpet of these lovely flowers, and this is surely confirmation that it is actually spring.

After taking a quick snap I was back on my way, and hoping to catch up some lost time.

I got home just before the heavens opened, so was doubly fortunate in having chosen a shorter run, as had I been on a longer one I would now be running home another 5k drenched to the skin. And the icing on the cake was that, despite stopping to take a photo I completed 5k in 28 minutes. Smiles all round. :-)

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What a lovely post, pic., time🌟and got in before the rain. Running gods are with you🌟👏👏

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Razouski in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae, I was in two minds about stopping to take a photo, but they were so delightful I couldn't resist. I will hopefully get some more photos when they are fully in bloom.

Thank goodness the running gods were on my side rather than the gremlins. :-)

5k in 28 mins... amazing!!

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Razouski in reply to Amandana

I was pleased with the time, and had to have a quick recovery as I then went with Mr Razouski for his first visit to the gym in a very long time. I was a little sluggish during my workout. LOL

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Yep, I think spring has definately sprung! 🌼 Sounds like a lovely run and a great time too!🙂

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Razouski in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandraj39 , yes it was a lovely run, and one of the many pleasures of running outside. I originally started the programme on a treadmill and was really reluctant to run outside, by my daughter dragged me out one morning and I never looked back.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sandraj39

Oh oh.... I hope you are right.... :) x

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Wowsers.... bluebells and a great run.... :) Well done all round :)

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Razouski in reply to Oldfloss

I can't wait until the main crop of bluebells are in full bloom - I love it when there is just a carpet of colour in the woods.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Razouski

Just beautiful 😊

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lovely to see your bluebells, our poor daffodils have hardly crept out the ground yet! We were practically snowing again here. We have loads of ground nesting birds lapwing and curlews on the farm and the poor things are struggling in this weather. By the way impressive run time

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Razouski in reply to Jullaly

This weather is certainly confusing for the flora and fauna. But it sounds like you have some beautiful birds on your farm. 🙂

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I love seeing the first bluebells, and all those that follow. There’s a lot of concern locally about invasive Spanish bluebells and how they are crowding out the native ones. I’ve learnt to spot the differences: natives are darker in colour, and the bells are usually all on one side of the stem whereas the Spanish ones tend to be paler with bells sprouting from all around the stem (think a bit like a hyacinth). The English ones are more delicate overall. Realise this is all a bit pedantic when really I wanted to celebrate another sign of spring and most of all your really impressive time! 🥀👍

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Razouski in reply to Nannalyn53

There were also some white bluebells (if that makes any sense), but I didn't feel I could stop twice for photographs. But I will get a picture so that I can find out what they are actually called. Maybe with Brexit we will have to say goodbye to the Spanish variety lol. 😂😂😂

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Nannalyn53Graduate in reply to Razouski

Exactly. Who do they think they are, coming over here and taking over our bluebell Woods. 😉

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