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Never thought I would get to this point so chuffed that I am here :-)

Struggled with run 1 this week and had to stop for 30 seconds in my second 5 minute run so determined that I am going to complete it tonight without that wee stop as was so annoyed with myself. I am not finding this easy but I keep pushing myself each week and not at the stage where I am loving it yet, hope that happens soon

I did it!!! I managed my second run without stopping. I am so happy with myself :-)

Really not finding it easy though so will see how run 3 goes tomorrow

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I am at the same point as you and completed my W4R2 this morning. I nearly chickened out as it was raining when I got to the park (any excuse), but I got my hood on plugged my music in and went for it. Surprising myself I found it a little easier than R1. Good luck tonight :)

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Elaine247 in reply to Jacks66

Well done. Im hoping that I find it a bit easier tonight as I know I can do it

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Hi Elaine and huge well done, you are doing great! 😃

It took me a while to enjoy running - I just enjoyed the afterglow and sense of achievement to begin with, then gradually I began to enjoy some of the running itself if I went very slowly - and that grew gradually. It will for you too.

Slowly and gently will see you through, one run at a time. 😄

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Slow and steady and you will do this :) Well done:)

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