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W8R2 - Lovely!

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A run from home along the Regent Canal to Canary Wharf taking exactly 28 minutes. Useless as a commute though as were I on my way to work I'd be too sweaty to get on the DLR! I bought a coffee and took a bus home and now, at 8.10, I'm back in bed. No work until next week.

I am a happy runner. Not fast, not stylish but tremendously fulfilled. 😊

Have a lovely run today.

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Msanni I did my run at 01:30 this morning during my lunch break and I am now going to bed tooπŸ˜‰

msanni in reply to Hidden

You make me feel so idle! Next week I'll be back at work and I'm hoping to be able to run there twice a week.

It's now 11.00 and I'm still in bed! 😁

Nice place to run, although some of the local characters can be a challenge. I love the idea of going back to bed, post run

msanni in reply to Jancanrun

I have heard of people being pushed into the canal! I won't normally be able to go back to bed but I'm on leave. Actually, I wish I hadn't now because it's past 11, I haven't had a shower and this bedroom is pretty ripe 😯

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