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First run!


I grew up being very active! I did swimming, horse riding, football, skiing, anything I could! This all continued until I finished university and entered the world of work. I quickly fell into a very low active lifestyle. That combined with several personal issues (family problems, relationship breakdowns etc) seemed to be a recipe for disaster and the weight just piled on! It has been nearly 6 years since I left university, I am now in a happy relationship (just got engaged!), bought a house, got my dream job and have the dog I’ve always wanted (a miniature dachshund girl called Scout) and now feel the time is right to tackle my biggest challenge, my health!

This year we have signed up for the Muddy Dog Challenge in order to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. I planned to start running at the start of the year but struggled to find the motivation. I don’t know why, but today I decided enough was enough and dragged my fiancée and dog out for our first run! I have to say it was much harder than I anticipated, but I pushed and pushed and before I knew it I was on the cool down walk. To top it off, we then visited the newly installed outdoor gym near us for a short workout! I feel so pleased with myself and glad I finally dragged myself out :) sorry for the long post!

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Well done and welcome to the forum.

The guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy this amazing journey.


Welcome.... take the advice from IannodaTruffe and enjoy:)

👋 hi.

Do read the links, and take all the advice offered 👍

Hydrate well and never miss a rest day. Best of luck and keep looking in here for lots of tips and motivation. Happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Liz x

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