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First outside run!!


Finally got up the courage on W4R2 to run ouside. 0600 on Sunday am-figured noone would see me. It was great. I was so worried about dog poo, pot holes and getting run over, but instead it was bird song, a fresh breeze and some snails. (just about beat the snails). I think I'll stick to Sundays for the outside run for now though. I'm still not brave enough to face actual people in my lycra.

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Well done!

I'm a big advocate of early morning running!

My first couple of runs where done around 6pm in the evening, and I hated it, so many people around in their cars on the way home from work, or out walking the dog or even running themselves!!!

But the last 4 or 5 runs have been at half 5 in the morning (before work / kids wake up) and it's fantastic. It's not too warm (Ha! this weather is a joke!), the drizzle helps to keep me cool and there's noone else around!

Like you, this mornings run - I think I saw one bus and one car on the whole 30 mins I was out!

Plus, the early workout gets the mind working and sets me up for the day!


Ha ha, I worry about the dog poo too! It's lovely to be out in the morning when the sun is shining and the world waking up. I have to say I prefer being out a little later - mainly because I find it so hard to part from my bedclothes! - but also because I feel a bit safer knowing that there are people around - don't know if anyone else feels this way?


well done you, ive always run outside , i started off in the dark:)) when the clocks went back i had no choise but to run in daylight, i think the trick is dont look anybody in the eye, listen to Laura and then you can pretend they are not there! Lycra is so comfortable to run in, take a deep breath and go for it:)


have run outside at around 6am from the beginning and its brilliant. I have survived rain and seriously sub-zero temperatures. I see a few people but everyone seems much more friendly at that time of the morning, goodness only knows why (I am not a morning person!).

Being a bit overweight I was worried about people pointing and laughing about the fat middle-aged lycra-clad woman attempting to run but I realised they are too busy getting on with their own lives to really notice me.

Running outside is fun and you see so many things that you would otherwise miss, including suicidal snails!


Well done, it took me till week 8 to get the courage to face the world! I love it now, although I still chose places and times where I know I am unlikely to meet many people! Enjoy! Sorry my fellow dog owners are such pigs too!!!!


CORRECTION . . . Sorry so MANY of my fellow dog owners are such pigs too.


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