First 10K Race Tomorrow

It's my first proper (other than a 5K Race for Life) tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous! I'm actually less scared about the running itself than dealing with running with other people (and lots of them!), finding parking, dealing with the baggage drop/claim and getting there on time!

It's the Bournemouth 10K as part of the Marathon Festival and it's supposedly a nice flat course so should be ok to finish in an ok-ish time.

Please tell me it'll all be alright on the night (afternoon!).


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22 Replies

  • Good Luck Karlotta !

    Cant offer any advice Im afraid as I haven't done a 10k yet, but just want to wish you all the very best for tomorrow and let us know how you go on, Im sure you will have a fab time , Enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • I felt exactly the same Karlotta last month when I did my 1st 10 k. But do you know what once I was over that start line ( after so many toilet visits!!) I loved every minute of it. I think nerves are completely normal but once you start running you ll be absolutely fine Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • First good luck. You will be alright, leave plenty of time, from what I have seen the bag drop function works pretty swiftly, the loos have the longest queue. The pre race buzz is good and I found they give out so much like water, pre race chocolates (this was before 9am) caps so your well looked after. Then after its the same with fruit and drinks etc.

    Running with others is great and there is always a path to find.i found After the first few mintues the traffic eases quickly (obviously different for each race and depends on numbers) Usually bottle necks at water stations but you find your path and I found looking ahead is all you need to worry about as long as you don't plan to change direction or stop suddenly. Then look behind you ! I ran with music with no major issues too.

    I loved it, I think it will be better in UK as so many spectators so much better atmosphere!

    Enjoy it!

  • Pre-race chocolates sounds like a good idea!

    I'm trying my hardest to try and somehow do what I'd normally do before a run - drink just the regular amount, eat a pre-race banana and not worry about taking on water on the route. I never do so mustn't do it just because it's there!

    I am however the most organised with my gear than I've ever been! My garmin and iPod are nicely charging and I've got my headphone and SPI Belt safely with my running gear. Clearly nerves are good for my organisation - I usually have to hunt around to find what 'safe place' I've put things in!

  • Look out for Aliboo - I don't know how you'd know her if you do see her though, since I don't suppose she'll have a sign round her neck saying 'Hello I'm Aliboo'. Anyway, good luck to both of you x

  • Best wishes for the race, Karlotta. You'll be great, I know. Can't offer any magical tips, just: get your gear ready tonight and leave it in a bag ready for the morning. And plan to get there nice and early so you are near the front of the queue for the loo!

    Looking forward to hearing your race report.


  • Good luck and enjoy it. I am sure you will be great. Am doing my first race ever on Sunday, also a 10k so do post back tomorrow night to let us know how it went and to offer any tips !!

  • I've just been down there looking at them setting up! I'm getting nervous too, guess we've just to believe in ourselves eh? Not always easy, and ive never done anything like this before, it is scary! Going togo down in the morning and check it all out! Good luck to both of us and might well see you in the blue section! That vest is VERY bright!!! :)

  • Good luck too Aliboo. Have a great day :)

  • Thanks ancient mum! :)

  • I'll definitely keep an eye out for you Aliboo! From the maps and info online it looks like the baggage drop off is nowhere near the start (up at Eden Glen?) not sure it that's usual or even correct!

  • We walked up to where the first aid point was being set upand it looks like its a little bit futher up than that..... :)

  • Oh very best of luck Karlotta. Have a fabulous time, enjoy every single minute and generally have an amazing day. Looking forward to reading all the details in your race report :)

  • It looks like it's going to be a great weekend, Karlotta. Enjoy every minute of it - you sound prepared! Please do write a run report ;-)

    I'm heading down for the weekend too, my son is in the junior race and I'm running in the 10K (white).

  • You'll be fine. Have a great time and good luck

  • YOu'll be fine you two! I wouldn't take water for a 10 k. Anyway, there'll be some en route won't there? I'd eat banana beforehand, 30 minutes to an hour before

    I've not done a 10 k race though, so what do I know! LOL

    Have a great time. Have fun!

  • I regularly run between Sandbanks and Bournemouth pier-it's completely flat apart from the occasional undulation here and there. You can see the elevation profile by looking at my stats from last Sunday, below. I don't know about the bit from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier but I suppose it's similar. Anyhow, I'll find out tomorrow as I'll be running the speed of light 5K at 19:00. Good luck to you and anyone else taking part.

    Oh , and if it's windy it pays to stick close to the beach huts.

  • Good luck. That is really exciting. You'll be great

  • Good luck with your 10K karlotta. I think the sun is supposed to shine this afternoon so should be a nice one.

  • Best of luck and well done for getting to this point. Remember how enormous 10k sounded when you started? Probably a bit late for practical advice now as you will no doubt already be there, but don't sweat the small stuff - all those practical issues of bag drops etc are just that - practical thngs that are readily resolved.

  • Good Luck! :-)

  • Pleased to hear I'm not the only one who's really nervous about taking part this afternoon, I'm sorry to say i have strayed away from this site recently or we could have supported each other before now. When i signed up for this run it seemed so far away and i was determined to get in shape and train properly, unfortunately work and life in general have got in the way of both objectives so i am just happy to have raised so much for my chosen charity, thanks to my lovely friends and family.

    I am sure you will be fine, lets hope the rain stops soon,

    Good luck!!

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