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Hi Everyone.

I am new to this site but I am on week 7 run 1 tonight. I must admit I have been doing the runs in the Gym due to some knee issues, that said I did venture out onto the open road over Easter, but back in the Gym tonight.

I have caught the bug and didn't think I could get this far at 59 years old, but its working.

Good to meet you all.

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Hi and welcome. As long as you are enjoying the programme inside or out doesn't matter, you get the results. You might find your knee issue resolves itself with the exercise strengthening them. Lots of exercise ideas for knees on the home page.

And at 59 you're probably around the prime age😀 There are lots of runners younger but the number of runners older (me included) is amazing. Actually you're a bit of a young whippersnapper here 😄


Welcome! Well done week 7. 😀

Nice to meet you and there’s no disgrace in doing the programme in a gym at all.

The bug could cost you big time..., this is a woman who now has 15 pairs of running tights/capris/shorts. 6 running jackets - numerous tops and now considers running gear to be an essential part of life.

Lycra starts to dominate your life along with terms such as wicking, flat seam...

I warn you, it’s an addiction by any other name

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