Running and blowing your nose

President Lyndon Johnson famously said of Jerry Ford that he couldn't fart and chew gum at the same time, later sanitised to walk and chew gum. What I find difficult is running and blowing my nose at the same time. There is the search for the tissue bit: is it somewhere up my sleeve, in my bumbag? Will I jostle the headphone lead and inadvertently turn Laura off. That would be calamity.. And then there is the general off balance feeling of my arms not moving in sync with my legs. The obvious thing to do would be pause, blow nose properly, resume running. But I'm afraid to pause because if I stop for a second will I ever get going again?Just completed week 9 run 2 despite runny nose. Just one run to go to graduate, (Can't believe it) Maybe once I've done it I will allow myself the odd nose blowing break.


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  • I know what you mean! Sometimes I have been known to wrap my buff around my wrist and use that! Don't tell anyone, it does the trick. x

  • Yuk. I thought it was just us lads who had such revolting habits...

  • Hahaha, I meant to say its only a little ladylike wipe!

  • Whatever it takes!

  • I keep a tissue in each bra cup - I dread to think what any passers by think if they spot me fumbling for one! But like you, I dare stop. I usually end up nearly suffocating myself - I blow my nose and then need to take a gasp of air in through my mouth which invariably causes a flap of dry tissue to cling with suction to my mouth! I think my tissue using technique needs honing!

  • That old one! There were some girls at my secondary school that used that old trick I recall...

  • I did w9r2 today too !! I have the same problem, I have taken to tucking a tissue in my watch strap and then holding it after I have used it, but a bigger problem for me is that if I blow my nose I completely lose my breathing and running rythm and it takes me sevaral minutes to recover my equilibrium. I'd love to know the answer to this.

  • Nice to know I'm not alone - I don't know what it is about running that makes noses go running too. Possibly its just that with all those big gulps of air we take in more stuff, pollen, dust etc that needs to be filtered out. I doubt whether I've blown my nose once today after I got home. Mind you, my nose also needs blowing in cold weather so maybe it just doesn't like moving air.

  • Isn't this what sleeves are for - or gloves in the winter?

  • Tissue? I'm one of those disgusting runners who just press on one nostril and blow hard, then repeat with the other nostril. I run alone. Maybe this is the reason why nobody wants to run with me *lol*

  • I keep loads of tissues in my tracksuit pocket - just about managed to master the art of running (very slowly) whilst blowing my nose. Dont' know about blowing their noses as they never seem able to keep them clean but our politicians certainly do a lot of farting if the hot air coming from the House of Commons is anything to go by. Now to the important stuff....Well done on your second run of W9. Good luck with the graduation run and I look forward to seeing your successful post. Best wishes.

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