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Week 6 and a flu!

Around February time, I had reached week 6 without skipping or stopping ( I’m not going to say without a struggle as I found week 1 painful at the time)

Then I was infested with a terrible flu and it really knocked my breathing and general life functioning . My doctor thought I may have allergies but felt I needed antibiotics due to pure infection! I tried to run after 2 weeks rest but just it made me feel even worse and I stopped running for another 2 weeks.

Eventually, with the help of the antibiotics, I got back to my normal self and went back to the start of week six ( I had achieved week 6 run 2 before the flu)

I could not believe how painful it was; my body needed me to walk more and do less running. I could still feel my chest in pain. So with this in mind, and with the snowy weather, I retreated to the gym. Doing a run lasting about 4 mins on the treatmil was about my best effort ( I hated every minute) After this I attended a spin class and I felt much stronger. ( weird)

I had really missed running outside but the gym had really helped me in the cold spell and had really lett my body recover slowly. So I started back on week 5 run 1. I am now up to week 6 run 2 but I’m finding it terribly hard again and need 1 min breaks between the 10 mins. I have been stuck at this point for about 2 weeks now. Any ideas?

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