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Well week 4 I think I will have to do you again. Sorry week 5 you will have wait your turn to see me as I’m not ready for the pounding you’re going to give me😢

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Doesn’t everyone think they’ll not be able to do the next week??? Go for it! If you can’t do it, repeat 5.

Thank you Tasha I will try harder😬

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That's fine, but why do you say you're not ready?

I’m struggling to complete the 5 minute portion of the run ☹️

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davelinksGraduate in reply to

You're a newbie, most of it is a struggle, your body say's go but your mind say's no? If that's the case push on into w5, go for it!😊

🤔 trust in yourself as well as the program, you can do this ,

Move on to week 5

(Keep telling yourself you can do this )

I surprised myself been able to run 28mins after 15days off

I just kept telling myself I can do this & I did 😘

Onwards upwards Mr 🏃🏼

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No pounding, only gentle, slow zen-like walk jog

Gently, gently does the job 🙂👍

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Believe in yourself Steve, it's mind over gremlins!! Repeat if you feel it's right for you but I think you can do it....💪👍🤗

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Didn’t you struggle with one minute once?

I had a few weeks at Week 4 Steve, not because I was struggling, but because I was enjoying it so much..

It didn't do me any harm as all running is good stamina building...

I didn't know about this forum then, so had no pressure to feel like I should push on... its really up to you, but don't worry whatever you decide will be fine.

Trust the program, take it steady, like you have been doing and you will be rewarded by feeling great.😊xx

*forgot to say, slow right down on that five minute run... you have got Wk4 R3 to go yet!

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Did you not actually complete the runs or did you just feel bad afterwards? If you actually completed the runs then move on. If you pulled up early during your run then repeat as it was just a practice. That’s the rules!!! 😜😊

in reply to Jude1963

Not completed☹️

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Jude1963Graduate in reply to

Not a problem. You’re doing the right thing Steve. Rest well then repeat. Most of us have had to repeat runs.

Maybe have a longer rest? You won’t lose it over a period of a few days.

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