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Workout Playlists

Some of the playlists I have listened to on Spotify...

couch to 5k -

NOW running -

90s Workout -

As I found more I will post up :) - happy running.


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I like running to music, but for the programme, I listened to the podcaster’s words, which come back to me with monotonous regularity when I struggle on runs 🙂


I have trouble with pre-made playlists as the ones I've found have too much sexist/misogynistic content and use of the n word. I have tried not listening to the words and concentrating on the beat but I'm a singer and cannot ignore words! I usually listen to a jazz radio station or classical download. I'm going to have a listen to your lists this afternoon as i want a list for Tuesday's run.

Thank you 😊


You have definitely been finding the wrong playlists. Using expletives and bad grammar whilst talking over a heavy bass beat is not music.


( I have become my grandad!)


I agree with you in that some of it is uncensored and some of the words can be a nightmare.

From a beat perspective look for The Alchemist. He is a mixer that has worked with a lot of artists. Great backing tracks.

Have a great Easter !!! 👍

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