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New here, w6r2 in the bag!


Hi all, I've just discovered this community, having done the first 5 weeks of Couch 2 5K. I'm 37 and completely new to regular proper sweaty exercise, though I do walk a fair bit so wasn't completely starting from the couch. I've managed up to w6r2 without repeating any or cheating, and I'm quite proud of myself. Haven't been on the scales but my clothes are fitting a bit better. Before I started this I was the heaviest I've been as an adult - having a baby 3 years ago has played havoc with various things. I have about 4 stone to lose but this is not my main reason for running.

Loads of people on here talk about Laura - I've been using RunDouble, which I think is along similar lines but maybe with less talking.

And I've been loving it! I use a Spotify running playlist with the type of music I never usually listen to (I'm more of a classical girl usually) and the RunDouble announcements come in over the top.

It's been great to read others' experiences :-)

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Hi echo, welcome to the club. It sounds as though you are doing really well and about to get into the longer runs now.

This forum is such a great place for inspiration, advice and a really good laugh. It's like being part of a big virtual running club.


Welcome echo46 sound like you are going great :)


Hi Echo ! ( * Hi Echo * )

Sorry couldn't resist that , Ha ha ! :-D

Welcome to this amazing forum and Well done you for taking up the challenge. You wont regret it, its a life changer !

Well done for getting this far. Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

melly4012Graduate in reply to poppypug

Hahaha Poppy that made me laugh out loud!!!

poppypugGraduate in reply to melly4012

Ha ha ! :-D xxx


You are doing really well! Enjoy the long runs and in a couple of weeks you will graduate. Hope it all goes well. Keep posting now so we can follow your journey.☺


Well done for getting so far so quietly! You'll have to let us know how you're getting on from now on :)


Hello! Where have you been all this time! Great to know 6-2 is do able - I'll be on it tomorrow!


Thanks, everyone! The decision to do this was quite sudden - I got the idea, then quickly went out and bought some running shoes before I changed my mind (they seem OK - at least, I am comfortable and haven't got injured yet). Then downloaded the app, shoved on some clothes, shoes and headphones, and went out for w1r1, again before I changed my mind! Then it seemed a shame not to keep going :) and then I thought I'd look out there to see who else is doing this.

I think the RunDouble plan is very slightly different from the NHS one - I'm coming up to w6r3 which will be a 22 minute run. w5r3 was 20 minutes. Either way, I'm amazed how far I've come with this. From a minute's running which seemed REALLY HARD, to four laps of the park, in just over six weeks.

Hidden good luck with w6r2!


Thanks @echo46. Got 6-2 done in the sun yesterday so ready for 6-3 tomorrow! Good luck to you! I think the C25k podcast i follow is 25 minutes. Gulp.

I just did Week 6 Run 2 as well this lunchtime! Also need to lose about 3 stone too!

Seemed a breeze today, weather overcast but dry, and temp about 16 degrees.

I'm a classical fan too but classical is in general not great for running I find because of the wide dynamic range meaning you can't hear the quiet bits over the traffic (or the loud bits will blast your ears off!) You need something with a pretty constant beat and volume to keep you going.

I use the contemporary classical composer Steve Reich. His "Music for 18 musicians" is ideal - absolutely constant pace and rhythm and volume. It may drive you up the wall as it's very repetitive and kind of evolves slowly against the fast beat, but you may find it just the thing. You can find several recordings of it on Spotify. Also his "Octet - Eight Lines" is good - but only lasts about 20 minutes so you need it on repeat. It's quite hypnotic, so gets you "in the zone".


Oh my, a reply to my ancient topic pops into my email! Iain, I love Steve Reich as music to work to, but haven't tried running to it. Maybe I will...

I finished Couch to 5k last autumn (though I wasn't up to 5k as I was doing the timed runs...) and my husband promptly became very ill and was in hospital for four months, and with a toddler to look after on my own, running was the last thing on my mind. Now he's on the mend, though, I'd hope to get back to running. I don't think I've lost all my fitness as I still walk a lot, but the weight hasn't shifted. But weight loss never was the primary objective; I'd mostly like to feel like I'm aiming towards a (modest) goal for its own sake, and have a bit more energy to get things done.

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to echo46

Glad to find a fellow Steve Reich fan!! "Music for 18 musicians" is absolutely perfect for running to, I find.

Very sorry to hear about your husband's illness, and how, of necessity it took priority over running. Good to hear he's on the mend now.

I combined running (and cycling) with the 5+2 diet - seems to work for me as I don't seem to suffer with a restricted calorie intake on the "2" days, and I can eat normally on the other days. I've shifted about 8 Kg since March.

Needless to say I don't run on the "starvation" days. I think that would be too much!


I'd love to know how this post got tagged with "hyperhidrosis" because that sure as hell wasn't me (I do not have it).


Hello and welcome! Well done for getting to this point. I completed W6R2 this morning so we're at the same point. Please keep posting!

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