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Rubbish run

I couldn’t make it to run with my usual group last night, so thought I’d try going out on my own this morning. Week 7 run 2 - I’ve done 25 minutes twice now, so I should be fine - wrong!! I felt like I was back at week 1 and hardly ran at all. Not sure what happened, but it has knocked my confidence a bit.

Anyone else had this?

Back out as a group tomorrow, so hope I can get back on track.

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Don’t panic! I had a rubbish 25 minuter where I had to slow down and walk for a couple of minutes half way through. My next one was absolutely fine. I’ve just finished w7r3 now... ready for w8r1!

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When you start out these rotten runs can really knock your confidence but they happen to everyone. As you get more experience, you will know that a bad run doesn’t mean the end of the world or that you can’t run any more. Put it behind you and move on with your head high!


Crap runs just happen sometimes, and its not restricted to the C25K ones either - it happens post graduation too. One thing I’d say though is as you go through the plan the cumulative affects of doing the runs and the kms add up and if I had my time again, I would have taken an extra days rest from time to time, just to keep the rest levels topped up.

Good luck and happy running next time out

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