Just a bit of a rubbish run...😦

Having had a few fab runs recently, 2 x 5k plus a longer one each week (last long run was 6.3k), I came back down to earth with a bit of a bump today, when it all felt a bit tough and my left calf grumbled at 23 mins in.😮 Having had a torn muscle in that leg earlier this year, which took me an age to recover from, I did the sensible thing and decided to walk. My leg feels fine now fortunately, and I 'm putting it down to increasing my distance and tackling a few more challenging runs on the 5Ks. Will give myself an extra rest day between runs for a bit I think. It's hard sometimes when it's all going well to just remember how much more my poor legs are doing now compared to a few months ago!

Hope everyone has a good weekend - run wisely folks!!😀🏃🏻😀


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6 Replies

  • And perhaps as its a bit colder and damp you need to think about warming up more? I know I have found it harder to get going now the winter is pulling in. I'm sure you will be fine! And like you said.....it's astonishing to think that only a few months ago most of us were literally sitting on the sofa! Have a good weekend.

  • Thanks. I also ran in the morning and I seem to run much better in the afternoons at the moment. Maybe my body just needed the day off!

  • You made the right call - walking was definitely the sensible thing to do. I'm building back to to 10k again myself, and plan to throw in a few weeks with no distance buildup to give my body a break from the constant increases.

  • Yes I think you did the right thing Sandra considering your earlier calf problem

    Extra rest days can't do any harm sometimes our bodies just send us little signals that we need to rest .

    Few days rest and then you should be good to go :-) xxx

  • Yes, you did the right thing, but it's hard isn't it? I'm resting up too, I had a couple of bad runs with pacing all over the place and just feeling heavy, now I've come down with a cold, but I WANT to run! I've told Baldy he is to sit on me or lock me in the cupboard if I even start thinking about a little run...

    Hope you're feeling better soon, I know it's hard, but running will wait for you xxx

  • Thanks CG! Yep, running will wait..and I'd rather a few days rest than a spell on the ic. Hope you're feeling better and back out there soon too😀🏃🏻😀

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