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3 Runs Left !!!!!

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I've done it , 8 weeks of running , I started on the treadmill then ventured outside at week 3 , I've run in snow , rain and sun , I've run on my own , with toddler in a buggy and with the dog , I'm not the fastest runner but I'm out there doing it and main thing enjoying it 😊 today I ran for just over 3k so building on my distance slowly after graduation is my goal

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Well done! Not long till graduation! :)

Huge Congrats! I’ve just finished Wk 9 and I actually found wk 8 harder. Each run in my final week felt more like a celebration of all I’d achieved!! Enjoy your last 3 runs!

Your a Wonder Woman and a supermum.πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘


Super duper!


I feel like you do. Most of all I appreciate that I'm doing much more than those who are doing nothing and I'm loving it! 😊


Well done! And if you enjoy it, then you're on for steady progress. Wish you some great happy runs to conclude the programme and even more after graduation!

Well done you! ... and with your little one as well, that's lovely.

Nearly there ... keep up the good work.

Good luck and happy running!

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