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Successfully completed run ! 👌🏼


Well, after my ‘disappointed runner’ post the other day.... I went out again and smashed it !! I’m now feeling stupidly proud of myself as my ‘first attempt’ really disheartened me.

I changed route so my run didn’t include 2 inclines. Lesson learnt for future runs. 🙈 I was also poorly yesterday, so think my body was telling me no on Monday night.

Lovely picture for a lovely run.

Good luck everyone xx

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Beautiful.... what a lovely place:)

Well done you... and think smooth not smash :)

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Maybe not ‘smashed it’ by other people’s standards, but I completed it and right now that feels like I’ve smashed it! 😂😂 xx

Yay!!! You did it!!! Well done for your stickability!


Wow, what a lovely place to go running. Congrats on this run. Our bodies are good at telling us to slow down if needed, and it obviously was on your previous run. Glad your feeling better 😊

I did tell you that you would nail it next time 👍💪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Yipee! :)


Well done 😁

Nice one👍

So pleased for you! Well done! I had a bad run on Monday and I was really gutted. Then went out on Wednesday feeling a lot better. It was a really cold morning and the cold air affected my asthma, so I took my inhaler, then found it was empty, so walked home. I will have another go tomorrow morning. Your post has encouraged me.

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I’ve since learnt that even the ‘bad’ runs count, it’s still a step in right direction and it’s still a life change, it’s not a fail !

It’s like anything else in life, sometimes somethings that are totally out of control put a stop to things: sometimes you need to learn by you mistake (like I did) I’ve also learnt the key is to stay focused, take a step back, and go again when you are able to do so!

Stay focussed on the goal, 1 day at a time and you will get there!

Good luck tomorrow morning! 🤞🏼❤️


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