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Week 4 done but dreading week 5!


Ok so week 4 was a struggle but I completed it! I am so dreading week 5 though! It looks like such a jump so I feel nervous I won't be able to do it (especially session 3!) does anyone have any success stories with this or general motivation? I really need it :)

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Well done Sarah. There are a few of us progressing to week 5 next week. Let’s just go for it and do our best 😀

Good luck! We can do this! :)


Just trust the program and believe in yourself, this is the week most people dread. But believe me a lot of us have been in your situation and successfully made it to week 6!!!

Sarahkj in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Looking forward to making it to the other side! :)

HiddenGraduate in reply to Sarahkj

I'll let you into a secret.............

I had a couple of sleepless nights during W5 dreading R3. Safely saw it through to W6 so proud of myself and now looking forward to starting W9!!!!

Sarahkj in reply to Hidden

Wow that's amazing! I'm hoping I will be able to say the same in the coming weeks

JocomosoGraduate in reply to Sarahkj

you can do this! I hated (!!) most of the first part of C25K as I ached all over EVERY day! but it DOES get better... one of my tips I found that helped was I took a longer warm up ... i.e. did 5 mins extra walk at the beginning before turning the app on... also did extra stretches and also during week 5 I had a longer break between runs... i.e. midweek had a 2 day break instead of a one day break... the muscles and ligaments sometimes need a bit longer to recover especially if it's something you haven't done for a long time... I graduated last Monday and since then have done 2 more runs with my hubby and actually enjoyed it! especially now I am seeing muscle definition in my thighs! YOU CAN DO IT! looking forward to how you get on next week... relax - don't stress, that just burns up energy you need!


I'm on my last run of c25k

On Monday and I thought would never make.

I've done all my runs on treadmill.

But all I can say is keep it slow and relax hands arms head and music on.

U get there x

Sarahkj in reply to Jayparr

Thank you, well done for getting through it! :)


Yes felt exactly the same I bet you manage it fine it’s how the programme works it’s amazing

Sarahkj in reply to Mcdon

Thank you! It's very reassuring to know that others felt the same way and managed to succeed!


Don't fear any run................... It is only a training programme.

Each week 5 session is actually shorter than your week 4 sessions. You have already run for 16 minutes in a single workout,which is all you will be asked to do in the next two runs.

Trust the programme, believe in yourself, go nice and slow and it is yours, no problem.

If you have doubts then read this healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Be positive, it makes all the difference.

Brilliant advice, really appreciated :)

You will be ready to run week 5/3 you are been prepared for this and each run you do

Tell yourself you can do this run, believe in yourself 👍🏻and you will be fine ,

After you have completed wk5/3 run you will have a massive Grin 😁

Sarahkj in reply to Jen58

Thank you! It really would be amazing if I do manage to complete it! I will for sure have he biggest grin ever!

Jen58 in reply to Sarahkj

You will do it just have faith in yourself ,

Embrace and enjoy week 5, each run is different so treat them as that, one run at a time and believe in yourself 💪

Sarahkj in reply to ebcroquet

Thank you! :)


He he he I posted exactly the same earlier today 😂 see my replies 👍🏽

Sarahkj in reply to Tasha99

Ah brilliant I'll check it out! It's super reassuring to know that others feel the same way and that we can encourage each other :)

Tasha99Graduate in reply to Sarahkj

It does!


You need to read back on some of our graduate posts!!! We have ALL dreaded Wk5r3...but we’re still here..alive..& still Running...leave it..don’t overthink it.....just get on with it, you CAN do it...honest!

Sarahkj in reply to Mummycav

Thank you :) that is so helpful!


Hi I completed week 5 on Friday. I'm Thursday night I didn't sleep well cos I kept thinking I can't run for 20 mins ! But I did if, I kept saying in my head o can do this. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Just go for it and believe on yourself you will be suprised x

Sarahkj in reply to Maisiemoo73

Congrats! I hope to be saying the same as you by the end of the week! :)

I felt the same about week 5 last week, but trusted the programme and completed runs 1 and 2 with no problems. I did run 3 yesterday, and being honest with myself, I had it in my head that I couldn't do it, so slowed to a walk for about 10 seconds twice during the run. I wish I hadn't, because I'm sure I could have pushed on successfully. It was my head that beat me, not my body. I am just going to repeat run 3 tomorrow and nail it! Trust yourself, I'm sure you can do it.

Well done that's incredible! Good luck with the rest, you can smash it! 💪


Sarah, I felt the same, especially as I had a surprise struggle with run 3 week 4. I had already convinced myself that this was going to be a week that I would have to repeat. However, I managed it, for run 3, I focused on going slowly( is it possible to go any slower!!)

The feeling at the end of that 20 minutes is amazing, especially if you are like me, a total newbie, who thought week 1 was nigh on impossible.

You can, you will do it, as everyone says, listen to Laura 😎

Sarahkj in reply to Jell6

Thank you, it is so reassuring to know that there felt the same way and managed to get through! :)


If you've got this far you can do it. Just keep doing what your mentor tells you...just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll surprise yourself with what you can do 👍😁

Sarahkj in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you :)

I hated sports at school, was always last to be picked for the team, always last in cross country, and have mostly avoided running ever since (am now 50). People have tried to get me running over the years, and I have tried, but always gritted my teeth and couldnt see the pleasure in it. I started the Couch to 5K last autumn, stuck with it and am now running regularly 2-3 times a week. Today I pushed myself out the door into the snow, and on the 2nd half of the run, I had a revelation...I was actually quietly enjoying it!

This is a complete sea change for me, and I felt I had to share it. I am not a regular contributor to forums!

The Couch to 5K programme is excellent; I am a GP and regularly recommend it to my patients. You can always repeat a week, and Laura's encouragement really helps. It is really worth sticking with it. I honestly never thought I would find joy in running, but I have. Don't give up!

WeekenderbedfordGraduate in reply to Docrun67

Snap, I am exactly the same (only sport I was any good at was jumping over the school walls to avoid sports! I'm 60 and am amazed at how well this plan works, and that I'm looking forward to each run (family think I've been kidnapped and replaced by a running alien 👽)

Mark_1984 in reply to Docrun67

That’s my story exactly. I was convinced that I’d fail W5r3, but I did it. Wasn’t particularly fast, but I didn’t stop. It’s more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

Sarahkj in reply to Docrun67

That is so reassuring, thank you :) I am the exact same. I have never clicked with a sport or any form of exercise before until now! I really feel like if I can make it through this week I can accomplish anything! 💪

You can do it, I picked a flat run ( had to turn around and go over the same ground again, as we have a lot of hills!). Maybe go slower than you have been for the 20 minute run, to give you confidence that you can do it, and pick some upbeat happy music tracks. Shoulders down and relaxed, and keep breathing. Good luck.😁🏅🏅

Thank you :) I definitely think they key will be not to focus on pace but just completing the run itself!

When I was at this stage I read on this site : "You'll think you cant do it but you can and you will. Just trust in the programme. In a few weeks', when you're running for 30 mins at a time you'll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about."

I trusted in the programme and I did it! I'm now running 5K 3 times a week and I'm gearing up to run my first 10K (following another similar kind of programme). And I'm 55, never run before! So please don't worry - just hang in there and keep the faith!

Sarahkj in reply to ladyduddy

Thank you, stories like that are so helpful to read! I really hope I can say that to others in a few weeks too!

ladyduddy in reply to Sarahkj

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! I completed the programme on new year’s eve and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. Don’t give up!

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