Couch to 5K

Dreading week 4....Help!

I just came back from w3r3 whichly strangely enough I found much harder than w3r1&2?!? Anyone else ever had that? Am wondering if it's linked to food I've eaten the night before?!

Anyhow, read the week 4 programme and it seems like a HUGE jump! Am not looking forward to 6am on monday morning! 16 minutes of running seems like a big hill to climb!

On the plus side, I just found a muscle I never knew I had in my calf!! Bigger on one leg than on the other (!) but a new hard (ish) muscle all the same! Whoop whoop!

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I've recently graduated (and am very slow) - after week 3 you can already run for 3 minutes - that's brilliant! YAY! well done! Right sounds like you're adding up rather than "breaking down" the runs into sections - I think you need to break it down in your head... it's not 16 minutes of running - it's 3 minutes, then a break, then 5 minutes, then a break, then 3 minutes and yet another break, then 5 minutes...

You can already run for 3 minutes! You are amazing! 5 minutes is just a bit longer AND you have some nice gaps in week 4 (I know cos I did the run again yesterday as I am trying to increase my speed and going back over some past weeeks)..


Look forward to hearing how you get on!

Good luck

Anne-Marie x


Anne Marie you have really cheered me up! Thank you! I think you are right about me adding up rather than breaking down, would never have thought of it that way!

That must be part of the reason you have made it to graduation!! Well done you! seems so far away, still cannot really believe I will be running for that long!



I had the same problem as you with the jump from week 3 to week 4; I found week 3 quite hard and was still struggling by the third run, so I was a nervous wreck just thinking about trying to run for five minutes!

I ended up repeating the third run one more time before I moved on to week 4, which helped me feel a lot more confident about going on to tackle the five minute runs. Weirdly enough, when I eventually did W4R1 I actually found that it wasn't all that difficult for me and it went by really quickly! I think the trick is just to make sure you don't start off running too fast - take it really slowly and you'll be sure to finish without too much trouble :)


Thanks! I do think that perhaps it is the mental thing of the 5 minutes! Hopefully in a few weeks time I will be able to give advice like you!



Hiya Kitty, I also had the same issue with week 4. As with Anne Marie comment, I broke it down instead of adding up. I made sure that I had some motivational music on my nano and took myself off out. :)


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