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W7 done but dreading Week 8

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Well I've just managed to finish Week 7 run 3 but have to say it's the hardest one yet, when Jo said I had 5 mins left I wanted to cry. 😭

My legs felt like a ton weight. I'm dreading now to add the extra 3 mins on Week 8, help is needed.

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Don’t be worried about the extra 3 minutes. You’ve done 4 x 25 minute runs now so your body will be ready. Just stick to going slower than the slowest snail on the planet if necessary and you’ll be fine.

I did it this morning, and really I hardly noticed the extra minutes.

Good luck!



Well done on finishing week 7! Week 8 is just 3 more little minutes, if need be just slow down at the start of the run so that you can throw whatever energy you have left at your run in the last 5 minutes. you've got this far, slowing down and mild weather will both help.

Also with the longer runs we are putting more demands on our legs, so your legs will appreciate an extra day of rest. Go ahead treat yourself to an extra rest day!

Then go out there and nail it! You can do it, have faith.

I had the same problems I was dreading week 8, but finished it today...slow and steady! Good Luck.


You may have wanted to cry but did you or did you push through and nail it?! You can do it just slow it down and take it easy πŸ˜‹


Thanks everyone, jelon your Right I didn't cry but Defo felt like it, thanks for all your words of encouragement I will make sure I read this again before heading out and yes maybe an extra rest day as well. πŸ™

Week 8 didn't feel any different to week 7 to me. I find each increase amazing. Hard to believe I'm doing it, but NOTHING has felt worse than the first run!!


I did W8R1 yesterday and agree with the others that the extra minutes didn't make it noticeably harder than the W7 runs. My pattern is Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which means I have an extra day to recover between each week's runs. I don't know if that makes a difference.

I admit I felt more trepidation that usual yesterday morning as I set off, but while it was far from easy, it went fine. Just take it slow and think how close you are to graduating.


I've just done W8R2 and really didn't find it harder than W7 - I think the stamina you are building having done 4x25min runs will more than compensate for the extra 3 mins - go for it !


I start and finish my runs at the same place, turning around at the half way bell. For me it’s all about tricking my brain. I’m doing this run tonight and I’ll add 90 seconds to my out run then turn and still finish in the same place. But please don’t tell my 🧠 cause I don’t want it to wise up to my trickery!

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Haha I find I need to change my runs so I don't know where I'm going to finish, tricking myself into thinking this could end anytime now.

What are we Like πŸ˜‚

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Anything to get over the finish line 🏁🀣


You can do it! Your legs are ready. Just go slow! And slower if you need to! 🐌

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