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Discovered I like running!!

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I started the C25K to help me get fit. But I can't believe how much I enjoy the running!

How did that happen?

I'm now on W6 due to run 25 min tomorrow, so excited....

13 Replies
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Amazing programme C25k and forum🤔🌟

Happy child hood memories, when you ran🤔🌟 Take them with you on your journey also and just run in the same carefree way.🤔👏👏

New kid on the block, this concept being used🤔

Google Parkour,🤔 think about the concept but please stay with your running and this amazing community.🌟👏👏

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Lzy-dyn2Graduate in reply to Tbae

Thank you I hope to stay with it.

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Isn’t it wonderful?! I’ve just done the wk5 20minute run, but actually ran for much longer because I felt so good. I should have done this years ago! Good luck with week6 ( me too next week):-)

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Lzy-dyn2Graduate in reply to SusieHicks

Yes it is amazing!

Good luck to you too.

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VivienR in reply to SusieHicks

Hi Susie and Lzy-dyn2, lovely to read your posts and share your joy. I'm just back at my desk after doing W5R3 20 mins run and feel thrilled. Lovely to think I will be joining you in week 6 next week!

Best wishes and happy runs


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GoGo_JoJoGraduate in reply to VivienR

Well done, it's a fantastic feeling that! 👍🌟

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Its a brilliant program isn't it...I think a lot of us start c25k thinking, if I can maybe get to five minutes of running....I will be chuffed to bits😆...

And then, here we are still amazing ourselves at what we can acheive!

Well done Lzy-dyn2...keep going, onwards and upwards and enjoying it😊xx

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Lzy-dyn2Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. It really is brilliant!

Fifitrixiebell profile image

Excellent! If you enjoy it, that is half the battle!

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It's great isn't it!! So much better than sitting about moaning about feeling unfit!! 😂👍😁

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It really gets to you doesn’t it? I’m desperate to get out on my next run and would go every day if I could!

I jump out of bed and go early in the mornings on weekends, I go out in the dark after a busy day, in all this cold weather we have had...who’d have thought?! It’s bonkers!!

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Hello Good on you. I feel the same! its fab I love it x Im on week 6 at the moment and enjoying xx

Sadie-runs profile image

:-) You got the running bug! x

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