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Two things I've discovered I don't like when running

Ticked off run 2 of week 8 this morning and whilst I was plodding along I realised there are 2 things I've come to dislike since I changed my route for the longer runs...

First is driveways, the constant up and down where the kerb raises and lowers is a right pain in the leg muscles. I've taken to trying to keep to the "top" of the pavement, away from the road, where the up/down effect isn't so evident. But then you have to contend with bins, over grown foliage etc.

The second thing I don't like is seeing my own shadow whilst I'm running. I first noticed it on Sunday when I was able to run a bit later and it was light. Thought I might be safe out with my head torch in the dark this morning. But no the street lights conspired to cast my shadow into my path at every opportunity.

I know it's just a shadow, but it isn't a very flattering image, and gives the old ego a bit of a kick every time. This morning mine mostly looked like Ram-man (from the 80's He-Man cartoons)! There was even a moment where a glimpse of it caused an automatic attempt to hold my belly in - that doesn't work too well when trying to breathe and run at the same time!

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How funny. I hate my breathing so just turn up the music....but I must be panting as walkers turn round when I come up behind them!! How embarrassing.

The route I've been doing has a set of gravel and wood steps which absolutely kill my shins when I run down them and they are really slippy..I've started pausing the app now, walking down quite fast then running at the bottom. It was hurting too much. I just run bit longer after.

Barbara xx


I know what you mean, I think I'm racing along then see this very slooowww shadow plodding along beside me..I don't like running on gravel..congrats on your progress, not long now!

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I totally agree about the sloping pavements ... to the extent that I run on the road and scoot out of the way if there are cars approaching. I don't run in the dark, but if pavements the world over are like the pavements in my village, they are full of dips and holes and drain covers and all sorts of other things designed to inflict injury on poor hapless runners, so night time running would be even more dangerous.

I've never noticed my shadow. I hope I don't now ... I am reminded of the tiles in the bathroom of the house I grew up in. For years they just had wiggly 'vein' patterns. Then someone said the veins were in the shape of two birds and then that was ALLLLLLL I could see for the next x years! Must remember only to run in cloudy conditions now ... !

Can't believe you're up to Week 8 Peter - it seems like only yesterday you were starting out! OMG I sound like someone's granny now !


Oh use it, We had those same tiles in our bathroom in blue and yes, it was like a little chick but I also saw a polar bear wearing a sailors hat, glad I'm not the only one who spent too long on the loo being mesmerised by hidden shapes :-)


well done on completing the runs Peter , great effort :D only 4 runs to go :D it is interesting how we think others will see us or even how we see ourselves , this program certainly make syou think about alot more than running :D


Hehe you're welcome :)

I wouldn't mind, but Ram-man was a little fella and I'm 6ft 1 lol


Ha I love this post. Beware the secondary image! Find another that you like and use it to your advantage. Well done! Further than that half way point! What does that feel like? I am on wk4#2 tomorrow...


It feels good. It seems like only 5 minutes ago I was where you are, on week 4. It's amazing how the weeks have just ticked by.

I ought to have graduated 4 weeks ago, injury and other stuff held me back. But it is amazing to think that in August I struggled with the 1 minute runs and now I'm running for 28 minutes and will be doing 30 mins next week.

Stick with it, take it steady and one run at a time :)


I was just having some similar thoughts this morning whilst running. I am currently in Morocco and for some reason the town I am in has very elevated pavements. I feel like I am in the 100m hurdles as I run along crossing the intersections and then have to leap back onto the pavement, my knees and hips protesting each time. You then have to avoid the stray cats, random chickens, children playing football in the street and the donkeys with their carts. It makes for an interesting run that is for sure.


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