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W5R2 done 😊

I am SO flipping pleased with myself! I downloaded a 30 minute radio play to my phone and lay awake last night working out how many times I could count to 7 in 8 minutes so my mind could be occupied while my body hefted itself around the park. In the event, the play was horrible, the counting went haywire and my body behaved magnificently! I've decided to do the next run at Saturday's Parkrun so I'll have company.

I had to take a month off recently for flu but I never thought that I'd be where I am now. On the days I don't run I walk 4 miles to work and, apart from foot pain, I have never felt better. I last ran in my 40s, a decade ago, when I was a drinker and sugar addict. I'm neither now and so happy with my choices. A new woman!

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You are right to be proud of yourself , you are doing brilliantly!

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