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W9 is nearly here!

I completed W8 yesterday and thanks to the marvels of technology, know for sure that I’m quite a way off the 5k mark, doing 4.2 k in my 38 mins of run+brisk walk. That’s absolutely fine by me as it will give me something to aim for once I graduate.

Does anyone else feel that odd sort of doublethink whereby on the the one hand I totally believe that the programme will deliver me to graduation yet on the other am completely mystified as to how I could change my outlook on running so profoundly in 8 weeks? I’ll just carry on doing what Michael Johnson, Oldfloss and IannodeTruffe say and I’m sure all will be well!

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Very well done you... that 5 K will time, and when it and you are ready. Do as you are doing..trusting the programme and moving forward.

I think, as you describe, many of us have this air of disbelief about C25K...I know I do. Beginning this and feeling, again like many of us that we may collapse on those first runs and then, almost unrealised, suddenly finding we are running for long periods of time, not just running but enjoying it. I still marvel when I find myself saying that I was short on time, I only managed a short 3K run today..or just 5 K :)

You are going to do this.. getting so close now and ready to move forward after Graduation too :)

I think this, one of my favourite quotes is so, so true:)

"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

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Well done, nearly there.

We are, in my reductionist view, just a bunch of chemicals. When we run we change our chemical balance and our endogenous morphine and cannabinoid receptors are rewarded.

We are junkies.

Keep running, keep grinning like a loon.


Coo - now I know what to say when people ask me why I’ve started running: because I’m a junkie😉 That should give the village something to talk about.

But I’ve no doubt you are right - that feeling when you complete a run is a real high!


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