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Couch to 5K
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Well after the last run I thought this would be fine... and it was after I’d settled into a good pace and got breathing sorted. The first few minutes were tough but after that all was good ☺️

I did notice that my right foot felt numb after run though...a wiggle of my ankle and it seemed to go. Trapped nerve maybe? Any ideas?

The end is in sight and I’m determined to do this... I’ve never been a sporty type but look at me now ☺️😂

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Look at you now indeed! You're doing it!! 👍

Shoe laced too tight perhaps?

Keep up the great work 😁


Well done you... landing a tad too heavily or shoe lace too tight maybe:)

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Well I thought shoelace so tried a bit looser today. I’ll keep an eye on it but it’s actually a small issue compared to the achievement! Thanks for your help ☺️

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