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Went out at 5.30 this morning for my next 25 minute run. Ice was in the cars so much colder today. Started off well and was soon hitting the 12.5 minute mark. Carried on running at a good steady pace and was enjoying it. Started to think about how I’m going to get the energy to reach the 30 min run in a few weeks and thought I hadn’t herd MJ. Surely I must be on 20 mins by now. Aargh. Tech gremlins had hit and my app had paused in my bag!!! I unpaused it and continued the run to the end so I definitely know I can now run for 30 mins. My mapmyrun said I was out for 48 mins so I was running in total for 38 when deducting warm up and warm down. Not how I planned it as I am following the plan rigidly. I think I’ll take a couple of days rest and do R2 later this week. Have a great day 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Very well done you...it is frosty this morning.. 2 degrees here... You did well and it has given you the confidence to move on happily:)

Take the extra rest day.. as you say... I am taking an extra one after yesterday's run too :) I ran for an hour .. legs are a tad tired :)

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I’m quite annoyed as wanted to follow the plan rigidly. I never run any more than MJ says. However, it’s a great feeling to realise I can run for at least 30 mins and more. I’m definitely only doing 25 next time though if the tech gremlins let me. I want to graduate following the weeks in order. Loving this running though. Enjoy your rest after your long run 🙌🏻

OldflossAdministrator in reply to TJMazz

Just a blip... you are doing so well...:) Enjoying is the thing:)

Well done it's annoying when tech fails but you still know in your head how far you've gone! You've got this 👏

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Cornet-Carolyn

Well I did a lot more than I should of as carried on to finish when I unpaused. That was a huge run 😱

Cornet-CarolynGraduate in reply to TJMazz

Fantastic 🏃🏼‍♀️


Oh my word, well done you! That is hilarious though :)

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Hidden

My legs are killing me now. Lol 😂


WOW TJM, you are doing amazingly well and so dedicated, 5.30 is very early. Well done you.

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Martin_Rose

Thanks. Loving it 😀

Nice one! So despite the technical glitch at least now you know you can run for 30 mins!

SO no reason to have any doubt in your mind now prior to any other run as you approach the end of the program.

And well worth taking an extra rest day.

TJMazzGraduate in reply to GingerBohemian

Yes, it has certainly built my confidence in being able to run the 30 mins so I am pleased with that. Definitely going to take the extra rest day. My legs are aching a bit this evening. I am so happy with my progress. I didn’t ever think I could run and also enjoy it 😀

GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to TJMazz

It gets better ;)

Flower-Tot in reply to TJMazz

Congratulations, you should be very proud! I've lost my running mojo. I'm struggling with getting back to it, actually enjoying it and sticking with it. I do one or 2 days per week of running for 10 mins on the treadmill then i'm done. I just want to do more and feel the difference it's making :-(

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Flower-Tot

Are you completing the C25k or have you graduated before? I didn’t think I could run but following the C25k plan has been amazing. It’s boosted my confidence and made me believe I can do it. I am loving running right now. It has lots of other benefits for me. I feel more healthy, more energetic and loving doing something for myself. I think 10 minutes running is much better than not doing anything. Keep up those sessions and set yourself a target to increase. Have you tried running outside. It’s maybe more interesting. Good luck 😀


Congratulations. Tech problems are so annoying! Good luck with your next run and hope the aches don’t last too long 😀

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Amarigue1976

I feel fine this morning so that’s good news 👌

Hi. I just did Week 7run1too. Had gremlin on my music too, tried to sort it while running and it passed the time a bit at the difficult time 10mins in. Felt different today, tired but felt better, more watmed up and I didn't realy get twingy knees. Trouble is Im good for nothing on the rest day!Ah well... Happy running all

TJMazzGraduate in reply to Marygord

Well done. Good luck with the rest of week 7. We can do it 😀

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