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Running bras

I’m on W5R1 and up until now I’ve had no problems in this area at least. Last week however I think I had some chafing inside my under armour sports bra. I didn’t notice anything at the time but the next morning had pain and gradually it became very inflamed and I’ve had to get antibiotics. Im now very nervous of running again in case I get further bouts of mastitis. So any suggestions please - how to avoid this happening, best running bra? 😭 thank you!

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I have a really nice one from M and S and I shopped around for ages all makes and ranges. I think the best bra is one that works for you as we are all different shapes and sizes. I googled the best running bra at the beginning and bought it and I hated it so I guess you have to find one that works for you. I have had mastitis through breastfeeding and eating lots of raw garlic is good for it making sure that your immune system is strong. Also maybe put some vasaline on the area that chafs as I'm sure that is what Marathon runners do. X


Ouch, that sounds very uncomfortable :( I know this is a topic that is discussed time and time again so if you do a search you'll find some good information - in fact, I can see some related posts next to this one. Perhaps it wasn't the right size? The only bra I will buy is the ShockAbsorber but I'm a big girl so nothing else will do to keep my girls lashed down :D Even with that, there are different styles and I know the one that works for me and buy it from eBay in last year's colours for a lot less money than in the shops at current prices. It's definitely worth going for a proper fitting when you're better, and sadly, the bras don't last forever but need replacing. I hope you find something supportive and comfortable.

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Thank you


Thanks ladies. I think I need a straight jacket!


I got mine from M&S also, and it's a proper little strait jacket! But keeps everything very firmly supported and absolutely no rubbing or chafing. Good luck with finding the right one for you - we're all different boob-wise, so difficult to make a definitive recommendation. xx


The only one I wear is one that allows no movement at all!! A bit of a fight to get it on and of but worth it for the lack of bounce 😊


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