When the running gremlins are on your side for a change 😊

Rubbish day at work, really didn't feel like running and it was drizzling, but......

New running belt arrived yesterday, but that would still be there tomorrow.... Picked up a new Fitbit on the way home, hmm, new toy to play with but...... The icing on the cake? New running bra arrived in the post, and once I'd done contortions to try it on to check it fit I just had to go running didn't I? The gremlins were certainly working hard to get me out there tonight😊. Week8 run1 ticked off.

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  • Well done you! It's a good excuse to get a few new toys. I've decided I'm going to get myself some running gear and a toy or two when I graduate.


  • But maybe not the running bra?

  • I don't think I'll need a one of them but maybe some running tights. Obviously shorts to go over the top of them 😳

  • I've been looking at running watches but I'm going to wait until I graduate and give myself a well done pressie, that and they all seem way over priced lol

  • Oooh lots of new stuff to run in..hope it all helped you have a successful run and you can check out the stats on your new toy.

    Now, have you got proper running socks...they are a revalation😄..

    Onwards and upwards.

  • I got some Aldi ones, do they count? That was the treat a few weeks ago 😊

  • Yes..if they have L and R on them and are padded in all the right places..and I think wick away the sweat...😄

    Thems the gooduns...

  • Ooh no! Something else to look out for!

  • All I've treated myself to so far is a 2.5 litre water bottle to make sure I drink enough every day. Some new running shoes and socks.

  • Much more sensible!

  • When I graduate I'm going all out to spend some pennies, on me for being a runner 🏃🏻

  • Haha. So I'm not the only one spurred on by a new running bra :D

    I totally agree, contortions is right! Blimey what a palaver!

    At the end of W6R3 I discovered my old sports bra had a 20 minute support limit (although as I remember that did provide temporary distraction from sore legs at the time); the new one has coped with 25 minutes and tonight was put through the w8r1 28min stress test, which it coped with far better than my legs !!! :D :D :D

  • Its my birthday on Saturday and I spent the day with my son and his 3 year old twins yesterday. On my arrival they excitedly presented me with my birthday card and pressie, a garmin running watch!! I just have to learn how to use it now......Oh and they sang "happy birthday"😍

  • Oh wow!..best present ever. 😃

  • I had a garmin forerunner for my birthday from my son/husband and I love it. Son set it up for me 🙂 I have some outrageous running tights, black, grey and pink - I used to wear all grey when I started to 'Run' but I got to that magical week 5 run 3 and I thought what the heck so treated myself to running tights - no more hiding in the shadows now!! And I almost got stuck in a running bra in the M&S changing room, omg the most ridiculous item ever invtended, I eventually found one that didn't have the stupid racing back palaver, it's just does up like a normal bra but with super support!! 😊

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