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First week after graduation

It’s a bit of a mixed week, I ran 5k on Monday although it takes me longer than 30 mins- I think I run too slow and didn’t have the stepping stone podcast to go by. Yesterday I used stepping stone and it seemed too slow, I will give it another go on Friday but my hopes of running 5k in 30 mins seem too far away, anyone else feel my pain?

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I understand your pain...

Although ive not graduated yet i worry the same. Running 5k in 30 mins for me seems a further goal than just running the 5k.

Although i have not yet looked for any advice on this im sure there will be many people who have suffered the same and they will have tips for you.

I guess the main thing will be to keep going and the speed will come in time 👍


Best to have a few weeks of consolidation first before attempting the C25K+ podcasts.

They are not what they seem... they are about discipline in our running and teach us different things. Stepping Stones is a perfect example of this... :) Some os love it, some loathe... I did it and felt like I was doing a soft shoe shuffle dance.. but it taught me a lot about my running...

A couple of weeks of new routes, different distances and speeds are useful before you start doing them. always doing at least one or two 30 minute runs.

This C25K programme , as one of our most awesome runners often tells us, has only just started the sorceress of building up those running legs... it is going to take time to progress.. check this post out too:)


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Your pace is your pace. My pace is my pace. Mo Farah's pace is ......... well, a lot faster than both of us I suspect. We all need to accept that we are where we are and devise a plan to move forward.

You have already made great strides by completing C25K and learning to run for thirty minutes and you have laid the base for running further and faster, but I am afraid the ability needs to be worked at and is not delivered with your graduation badge.

Read the post that Oldfloss has linked to for a perspective and start to work on your plan.

Speed will increase slowly as you get stronger, so don't despair.

You are still a very, very new runner.


The mere fact that you are out and running is putting miles in the bank, your body is getting used to the whole process and your muscles, tendons and bones are becoming stronger while your heart and lungs are also strengthening with each run to generate more oxygen to your muscles.

Over time you will become more comfortable in your running, your breathing will ease and your times will improve, don't fret and don't stop, you are doing well, some times I don't fancy a run myself but always feel good after.

I am returning to running after 3 years and am going through all this 'again' myself, I lost all my fitness and am going through all the mental and physical issues over again.

Be positive it will take us time but we are on the right road, good luck and keep on running

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