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What next after graduation?

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I have just finished the couch to 5k! Yay! But now I wondered what I should do next to keep the progress going with my running. Some things I have seen mentioned here on the site and want to try are:

- Zombies run app

- Speed/stamina/stepping stones from NHS

- Train for 10k run

- Parkrun

- Any other running podcasts - please let me know if you have a favourite!

What would you recommend? If anyone used the Zombies app, how challanging did you find it for a new c25k graduate?

In case it influences the suggestions - I managed to do 5.25k in 30 mins in my first week 9 run, pace about 5.45 per k. My fastest pace was about 5.30 mins per kilometer for one of the 25 min runs. So I could definitely work on getting a better time over 5k. (I use map my run to work out distance and pace for each run so I'm reasonably confident these numbers are correct).

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I wouldn't hesitate to say register for your local Parkrun. The camaraderie will pull you along.

Also, think about aiming for a 10k. Harder; yes, but doable if you have done the C25K.

Well done for the C25K, and good luck for the future.

I can't comment on any apps, as I run with just the wind in my hair(?) and nothing else.

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Thanks for the boost in confidence about trying the parkrun. I don't know anyone who goes to my local run, which makes me a bit nervous about joining all the "proper" runners. But other people I know who go to the ones in London also say it is good and friendly. So I just have to sign up and see how it goes I guess :)

I think for now I'll work at keeping up the 5k habit and see how I feel in a few weeks about increasing the distance. To be honest I'd love to be able to do 10k and explore a bit more of the countryside around me, but it feels a bit too much to aim for at the moment.

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Since I graduated I've mostly been doing the zombies run! app. There's a 20 minute story (or thereabouts) per outting which moves the plot along slowly. I found I had to switch off the interval training mode because I couldn't run away from the zombies quickly enough. If they catch you you just end up dropping the articles you've found along the run (not literally).

I've done Speed and Stepping Stones a couple of times but I've found that running at 150bpm is a bit too slow for me. The 6 x 165 in Speed leaves me quite tired though. This Friday I'm going to try Stamina.

I found some in-app training sesions in Runkeeper app which look like they might be good but you have to pay (not an insignificant sum) to find out so I haven't tried that yet. Otherwise, I might look to download from audiofuel's website or I might make up my own playlists using jogfm.com

I've only done one Park Run (just before I graduated) which was quite good so I must have another go sometime and see if I have improved on my PB since then. My main problem with Park Run is that it's on the wrong day of the week for me. I run Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays (Pilates on Monday and Boxing on Thursday) so adding in a Saturday, which is usually a rest day for me, is rather awkward. Do I drop either Friday or Sunday or run three days in a row?

Sounds like your times are quite good though. I takes me about 7 minutes to run 1K.

I shall follow your progress/decision with interest! Good luck. Pam x

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Thanks for the very helpful response. I'll definitely try the Zombies app and take your advice to turn off the interval training if it gets a bit too much :)

I'm away this weekend but will try to make it to the park run the following week. I don't tend to run on set days of the week, but instead run every other day if I get fit it in. So it shouldn't be a problem to get out and get going!

I'll post again when I've had a go with a few of the options to give my review :)

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I was aiming for a 10 k when I 'graduated'. I used c25k + speed & stamina podcasts once a week then a long slow run at the weekend using my own music increasing the distance slightly each week.

I was worried about park runs for the same reasons as you but our local one is really friendly & I was about 'average' running similar times to you

I'm another advocate of joining your local parkrun. I did after I completed C25k and found it really enjoyable. I've only run three at the moment, as my Saturdays seem to have been really busy lately. If you're worried about times, then you can check out the results pages to see what other peoples' times are. One my first outing, I was the last person back, and it really wasn't bad at all, so don't let that stop you! However, if you're completed 5k in just over 30 minutes, you definitely aren't going to be near the back of the pack.

The other thing I did (but should have done quicker) was start a Hal Higdon 10k novice plan. I should have started it sooner after finishing C25K because I am now back in the uneviable position of having to restart C25K as my running lapsed and I can't run for 30 minutes anymore.

I would definitely sign yourself up for something though, to keep the structure as much as anything else, as that is what I struggled with, looking back.

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