New Members - If you are feeling in any way disheartened because you 'cannot make 5K'...please don't be :)

Members of the forum who had graduated from the C25k running programme were asked in the 'Bridge to 10K' section


"At Graduation - were you able to run 5k in, or under, 30 minutes ?' ?

Of those who responded to this informal Poll, 50 out of 55 - 90.9%- reported that at graduation they were NOT able to run 5k in 30 minutes or less.

All the respondents reported that they continued to run and all did reach 5k at their own pace, also many progressed further - i.e. running 10K or more.

My thanks to Jacs-W for helping with the mathematical and other aspects of this, thank you to all who partook in the poll, and thank you to the Admins for giving the go-ahead to carry it out.


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14 Replies

  • Good to know this as I know I constantly question whether I am too slow as I know I can't do 5k... only achieving 3.7 but that's 3.7k further than I've ever run before so I'll take that!

  • There is no such things as, too slow, on here :) I was the Original Grey Snail... and it is the way...:)

    Just focus on the running, enjoy the journey and try not to focus on time or distance. Your strength and stamina gradually build up, without you realising it really, and suddenly, you may be going further, and with less effort.

    Enjoying the journey is a massive part of the programme as is staying injury free, and as one of the folk on Bridge to 10K who responded to this poll, I was so,so glad when Irish-John posted it. :)

    I love this quotation..

    "Fast enough to get there. slow enough to see ".

    You are doing just fine :)

  • I still wonder at how I can do what I do :) An even bigger mark of how miraculous this programme is a friend of mine - she STILL shakes her head and says she cannot believe I am running ANY distance let alone what I do :)

    got me to thinking - when I substituted lack of faith in myself for trusting the programme and what all the Graduates said about it, I was BOUND to 'win' :) After that it's only a question of how far and for how long do I want to aim for ;)

  • When I did the poll I missed this out it does not matter how long it took us all to go through the programme we all have one thing in common we all graduated and still carry on running in whatever capacity we can

  • That's it. I find the carrying on more difficult than completing the 9 weeks 😯

  • A very interesting point trying2persist. I found the structure and podcasts for the 9 week programme good to follow, and then when completed it felt a bit like freefall - I didn't decide to aim for 10Ks or HN etc, 5K was a good distance for me, but without the C25K structure I did and have, well, shall we say, relaxed at times.

    I haven't Parkrun since August last (though have volunteered 5 times in the last 2 months. Also whilst my personal ideal running schedule would be 4 times a week I haven't achieved this, and there have been many blank weeks during Feb and March this year.

    Yet, on the up-side, I am still running, and can still run, not faster, not longer, but still can and do!!! Real life can trip you up at times and so can the Injury Couch, and I am still waiting for a LOVE of running to kick in (after 4/5 years), but ............... I'm still going. I sometimes have a buddy run, and find that it is much more motivating than running on my own. Maybe that might help you.

  • Thanks for the reply. I think you are right, if and when I graduate, I will find a running buddy to drag me back on to the track. To keep it going surely it should be easier than starting again and again. Ta. 😊

  • A dog???

    A dog means you have to go out and makes a great running (and more general) buddy. Of course this only works if it fits with your circumstances

  • I was the same after completing the programme then as a team at work we are running a 10k next week. The thought of work humilation has spurred me on and since I have been training for the longer distance I have finally found my love of running! Took 5 years but maybe I just needed the goal to motivate me

  • Very reassuring to read this. And evidence based too. My first 5K was 40 minutes, but will not be my last . . .

  • apart from this coming back from an enforced rest, when I run 5K you can set your watch by me :) It's unreal - no matter how 'fast' or 'slow' I THINK I am running its always within a minute either side of 38 minutes LOL

    But back in October a buddy strong armed me into a 5K race. I took it slow and steady - just wanted to do it without having to take a walking step and did not know the course or anything so was content to 'just do the damn thing'...and did it in 33:27. LOL

    Out minds can be the biggest Gremlin or Best of Coaches when we run :)

  • Interesting stats, thanks for sharing!!!

  • Thanks Irish-John and Millsie-J these Stats are so important to share. I was nowhere near 5km when I graduated. I am still far from the 30 min/5km but I have done two Half Marathons, so your pace makes no difference to anyone else but you. I just have to train for longer to complete my events. I have comes to terms with it. Every now and then I have speed training sessions and knock another 1 minute off my 5km times but mostly I just go out to have fun.

  • Slowly, steadily, onwards and upwards :)

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