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Week 7 Running with cement legs

Was doing really well - not fast but steady. Week 7 run 1 was a killer but I did it. Problem is, not been to the gym and missed last two runs. Also had a family illness to deal with. Tonight back at gym and only managed to run for 15 minutes. Positive - seven weeks ago I couldn’t do 60 seconds, gutted that legs felt like cement. Any ideas anyone ? Should I go back a week or two ?

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To be honest it just sounds like you're worn out.

I would get a good rest and try again with the last run.

Don't be too hard on yourself. 🤗

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Gosh, we have not had cement legs for a while.. treacle running and lead legs... yes:)

Probably you are under par and not over the issues you have had...rest up... Do some stretching and some leg exercises and then head out again:)




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