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Treadmill VS outside?


Currently on holiday in the Dominican Republic and I’m determined to keep up my running while I’m away. It’s approx 27 degrees and 80% humidity here at 7 in the morning so running outside is not an option 🙄😂

Headed to the gym this morning to use the treadmill for my couch to 5K and it’s my first time using one. To my surprise I found I could run for longer on the treadmill compared to running outside at home, is this a common thing??

I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of the treadmill but wondered what other people thought? Has anyone else found it slightly easier on a treadmill?

I’ve also just completed week 5 while on holiday so feeling slightly proud! 😁😁

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Well done mastering the switch, I never could! The two runs are different, treadmill will give you constant pace by default, so if you get that right you’ll go longer comfortably, outside you make the pace and in our early days it’s up and down a bit, so you may get uncomfortable earlier.

I just hate stepping on them, I’m aware that I run completely differently and then I’m uncomfortable, and I get bored quickly.

Wow, huge well done ! My only experience with treadmills was the few minutes I had to do on one yesterday for a gait analysis. I hated the thing, I really struggled to find my natural stride and clutched the sides so hard my hands ached 😂

Congrats to you for sticking it out, and running for 20 minutes on that dreaded contraption ! I'm in awe !

StudentNurseeGraduate in reply to HillsEverywhere

Bless you! I really struggled as well at first, it just feels so un natural running on a treadmill! How did you find the gait analysis? I’ve been debating doing it for a while now to find some good running trainers as I’m wearing some old sketchers for running at the minute! x

HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to StudentNursee

Well, the gait analysis was a "medical" one (at a podiatrist's and prescribed by my GP for plantar fasciitis issues, but we talked about running too). I found it fascinating and learnt a whole lot about my own body. On running matters, what I took from it was that I would be wise to stick to neutral shoes (I have so many body parts out of alignment that with corrective shoes, something somewhere is due to be over-corrected, which would be a huge strain on bones and muscles). It was well worth it in my opinion, but I don't know what gait analysis in a specialized shop is like.


As you found, running on a treadmill can be easier (if a bit boring). The plattern is obviously dead flat, and you don’t have to think about your footfall (no rabbit holes, puddles etc to watch for). In addition, the treadmill sets your pace at a constant level and so as long as you find a convenient setting, it just happens. We often find that folks doing C25K on a treadmill find that they are disappointed when transitioning outside. Normally this reveals that the speed/ pace on the treadmill is not accurate. But it is all running, so it counts.


So different.. my runs on my trainer take me half the time... :) I use it when it is icy and when I am recovering from injury... always gives me a boost though..

Enjoy your hols anyway... :)


I would try outside think of the nice things you can see . It might be hot but take your time . I ran on my holiday for the first time ever earlier in the summer it felt so good to get up early and run even if it’s only for a short time it’s a great feeling! Good luck and enjoy 😊


am doing my c25k on tredmill finding it realy good once i have finishedvit then am going outside for a park run

I would say keep on the treadmill whilst your on holiday to keep your fitness up. But when you get back go outside again. I’ve done my ct5k on the treadmill and I’m hopeless 😩 outside. It’s totally different, the treadmill almost pulls you along and not at all like outside. I’m not slagging treadmill users as I am one myself, but I wish I had of started outside. Enjoy the holiday 😊

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