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W5,R1...”just start with a 5 min run”..😱😂😱😂

Evening ..

Completed run one of week how it says, just start with a five minute run 😂😂

Got through it, didn’t die, good sign ...

Second one hurt, third was baddddddd

I do seem to feel as though I’m recovering in the walks a lot quicker than I ever did though so I’m happy about that..shame about the running bits😂😂🤔🤔

Night all, take care


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Yeah, it’ll all be so much easier without those darn running bits! 😉

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Reply did it. So your body will have recognised the distress signals and will be sending in a repair/upgrade team

Basically it thinks you are being chased by sabre-tooth tigers and is diverting all power to legs.

I know it seems tough but all the really hard work is being done while you're asleep.


Yep it’s amazing how much progress you make on this programme! You actually ran for 15 mins and your body will use rest days to make you stronger and by R3 this week you’ll notice the difference!!

Look out world you’ll be running for 30mins before you know it!! Just keep following the instructions and don’t go too fast!


Well done! I have Week 5 run 1 today, dreading it!


Not dying is definitely to be welcomed 😂.


Brilliant! Week 5 is definitely the scary one. I start it on Saturday ( assuming I get through W4R3 today) and the forecast is for snow...😱😱😱


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