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C25K/Virtual Run!

I've just finished week 5 of the C25K. I've been doing the plan since the 1st November, having had to repeat some weeks, then we had Xmas, then I had the flu! There is a virtual run taking place near to my home town which is run/walk/jog a mile a day for 26 days in February.

I am so tempted to sign up but wonder if I should finish the C25K plan first? Would this be too much do you think to do both?

I really don't want to overdo things but feel very motivated at the moment!

Your thoughts please!

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Well done on sticking with it!

I would think you could stick with the programme and do the virtual. Non run days you do the walks. On programme days you will be covering a mile running, i doubt it says non stop running does it? I presume you can run/ walk/ jog as you feel?


I feel Millsie-J has given you great advice:)


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