Virtual Running

Virtual Running

Thanks to a couple of posts on here I've signed up for virtual runs. The bling is great you get times and a race number. I'm still going to do park runs etc but I need something to get me out the door. If anyone else has registered for these runs then maybe we can compare times and spur each other onwards.

Got my first medal and was really impressed.

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  • Don't know about virtual runs. I might be interested. Is there a link you can post please?

  • Sure,

    All the info you need is on the website. The other thing I like is that I'm helping charities at the same time. Win win

  • Thanks. I'll have a look.

  • You're welcome. Pricing is fair considering 20% is given to charity.

  • I have to say your post made me laugh as the summary you see before clickig to read it all stopped after "...I'm still going"

    you then went on to say " do Park Runs" but for a minute I had visions of you starting out early this morning and were still looking for the Finish line.

    Sound interesting though I might take a look too.

  • Ha, I didn't plan that but if it made for good reading.........

  • Knowing my sense of direction your comments are nearer the truth than you know, I've gone the wrong way on park runs before!

  • Oh this post just gets better and better! How can you go the wrong way at Park Run? Assuming you are not leading the entire way, surely you just follow the people in front. Even in my first week when I came 383rd out of 383 they weren't that far ahead. You are now officially my favourite member of this group.

  • It's a long story but I was far enough behind not to see anyone in front but not so far back for the tail runners to see me! Seeing the leaders were now coming back the other way I just followed their direction and turned left when I should have kept going straight. Should have been a Marshall there but wasn't. Funny though every runner who passed me said nothing about the fact I was going wrong way except one, and that was my husband! Not to worry, still did my 5k and marshals apologised as there should have been someone there. But hey I had a senior blonde moment, could have been worse could have been sitting on the couch and not bothering.

  • Oh good you took my comment the right way, I re-read it and was worried you might think I was being rude, which I would never be, you just made me laugh, which is such a great help.

    Anyway, getting off the point, well done ad will most definetly look into these virtual runs, especially as the dark nights draw in.

  • Oh it would take much more than that to offend me and you couldn't say worse than my family do with regard to my lack of navigation skills. This site is nothing but positive and we support each other which is great.

    Did the Olympic park run recently and went right way then, even I couldn't go wrong way inside the stadium and it was very special.

    Hope enough of us do the virtual runs it would be great to virtually run with such good friends.

  • Took my neighbour to Parkrun recently and she got lost. They didn't have enough Marshalls for every turn or a last runner. I was quite confused when I found myself coming up behind her knowing we had deliberately decided I would start further up the crowd from her. Luckily didn't put her off.

  • It happens. Glad I'm not alone then.

  • I got misdirected on my first PR, it was 2 loops, and I was so slow the marshalls thought I was at the front when I was actually at the back and directed me to the finish...I found my way back to the route and finished with reasonable time but I was very upset! A lovely friend from here met me the next time and stayed with me so I didn't get lost!

  • This is exactly what happened to me Curly on a Great Local run ( their version of parkrun) although I didn't find my way back on the route. I was completely lost running around like an headless chicken . Think they were very short of stewards that day and all the other runners were racing snakes :-) xxxx

  • I'm signed up for loom to the moon, Millie's trust and the birthday run......I'm eagerly awaiting 23rd August when I can sign up for weeks 1-4 of the Christmas runs :) Happy to cheer each other on, I'm struggling to get out, I've sold my house, haven't got anywhere to move to yet (although moving in with either sets of parents is an option so I'll not be homeless) and the stress has wiped out my energy so when I have had spare time I've not run (2 weeks since my last one.....for shame and I was hoping to get to 10k again for the first time this year for the loom to the moon challenge!) Hoping to get my ass in gear on Tuesday!

  • I'm doing all of those too so we should keep in touch. Hope you sort your accommodation soon. Maybe we can run the same days? I can fit in with your plans.

  • Ooooo running the race on same days sounds fun, I can virtually imagine you chasing me :) Are you on Garmin? We could be friends on that and keep track of each other's training :D I'm under the same name as here.

  • Yes I am, will look into that

  • I was good and got my ass out of the door tonight (even if I did lock myself out by taking the wrong key off my set! Door handle on the outside doesn't function without a key so I couldn't lock it, but I couldn't open it either, I can confirm an adult cannot get their arm through my letter box to try the indoor handle πŸ˜‚) will definitely try for my longest run ever this year on the loom to the moon challenge 😊

  • Already signed all December, but we can sort out after 23rd. Look forward to being a virtual running buddy!

  • That sounds fantastic... And we'll done!!

  • They are worth doing I think. Rob and his westie ran with me and thought it would be a great idea for some of us doing the same races to virtually do them together. We health unlocked should run together and support each other. Just wondered if anyone would be interested.

  • I'm doing the poppy one though November. You have to run 33k, which should be easy enough, but I've set my own target at 100k, which will not. maybe I should be setting 75k as a target?

    Happy to link up if you like?

  • Yes I'm down for poppy too. Just going to go for as much as I can.

  • Hadn't realised it was minimum 33k so grateful for the wake up call. Won't be a problem and will make sure I keep going through November. Just need someone to stay on my case!

  • Just had a look at the website - may do a couple of the christmas ones to make sure I keep going during the "dark" season :-)

  • Good idea, my thoughts as well. Just thought we could each support each other if people were interested.

  • Yes please. I'm doing the RBL min 33k and my Mum is doing the 5k on Nov 11. I'm also looking at the Christmas ones :)

  • Have done 5 so far and the medals are really good.

  • I did the July SRC run and have that very nice medal! Also signed up for the Poppy Challenge and Nov 11th run and two this month. On Aug 15th, Susan who runs the site is coming to my local parkrun to do the 5k so I signed up for that, then there is a 10k to fit in during the month!

    By the way, the Poppy Challenge is 33k in total which you can run, walk, dance, skip....whatever takes your fancy! As long as you can upload the evidence of course! ;-)

  • Wow, thank her for me, she runs a great site. You can tell her I'm trying to rally troupes here. Maybe she can tag us as health unlocked runners!

  • Signed up for the Poppy Challenge in Nov :)

  • Yay

  • If I paid for the 33k option but didn't/couldn't do all the 33km what would happen? Would I loose my money or just get the other medal for doing the 5k?

  • Best to ask them very approachable, would be interested to know too

  • From what I understand Linda, the 5K is a separate run although it does count towards the 33k total. You don't have to run the 33k, you can include walks etc. If you can manage 3k three times week over four weeks, that's it covered (hang on...maths...3x3=9x4=36...yep...phew...).

  • Evening all.. Can I be in your gang please?

    I've just signed up to the Poppy run & the September 5K one.

    My username on Garmin connect is the same as on here if anyone wants to link up.

    I think its a fab idea. I'm all excited now!!

  • Of course, grief haven't been in a gang for more years than I care to remember.

    Don't forget though that I'm the one who goes slower than a turtle through peanut butter, but will be waving virtually and furiously as everyone passes me.

  • Wheee! Don't you worry though BaileyB I'll be the one right next to you. I normally keep the tailrunner company at Parkrun. Just being friendly y'understand.....πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • But of course. The back runners tend to get more attention anyway.. I was on the big screens at Olympic stadium the other week as I was at the back! My kids spotted me. Really chuffed

  • Just sent a Garmin request :)

  • Excellent I'll accept just shortly! ☺

  • I've sent you a garmin request too :) Hello virtual running buddy πŸƒπŸ»

  • Excellent! Hello to you too!! πŸ‘ŸπŸ’ƒ

  • What am I missing out on? I have no requests

  • My a

    Farming id is different, it's jill_and_the_dog

  • That's garmin

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