Who is up for a virtual run?

24/25/26th December.

One run on any of those days.

Any distance or time - graduates

Any week's run of the program - newbies.

Inclusive for everybody.

You can still join even if it's wk1 run 1 (great time to start)

Please add your name below if you would like to join in.

Welcome on board for our Xmas 2015 Virtual Run.

Our virtual runner are:-





















































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63 Replies

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  • I am in. Might try Xmas day this year.

  • Yeah count me in! I intend doing Christmas Day too RFC. Race ya!

    Just checked myasics plan and I'm due an 8k build-up run. That'll do nicely. Worth a mince pie that is!

  • Definitely already decided to repeat my early Christmas morning run around Draycote Water. Enjoyed it so much last year :)

  • Ooh, I'll think of you doing that.

  • honestly, it's lovely, I'm really looking forward to it :)

  • I'm due to graduate Christmas Day so yes count me in.

    Hopefully I will deserve that glass of fizz as presents are opened.

    Also hope Father Christmas thinks I've been good this year :)

  • I'm still plodding through the programme but I'll be running w7r2 on Christmas Eve :) Shame I can't tempt anyone in my family to join me. Only other runner in my family is my niece and she's in Australia!

  • Thanks RFC , yup Im in !

    I am going for Christmas Eve xxx

  • Yes, I'll try to get out there. Probably lumber out on Boxing Day!

  • Was hoping to do a park run on boxing day, but now have a sore foot, so it will depend on how things are in a week's time.

  • I'm up for it. Not sure which day I will run---This is my first xmas as a runner--I can't believe it :) I wont be able to post till after though. Happy Christmas everyone.

  • Yes, hope to do something xmas day

  • I'm in! Xmas Eve I should think. :-)

  • Me too! I think my run will be Christmas Eve.πŸƒπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸƒπŸ»

  • Yep, me too. I'll be graduating (hopefully) on Christmas Eve.

  • All and Boz too, plus hopefully Paul if he gets off his butt! Not sure what day yet!! 😊one of the three!

  • I'm in planning 2 days so might make it Christmas Eve and Boxing Day ( Probably Park Run for that one ) But I really want to run on Christmas Day, oh no how will I choose ;)

  • Definitely up for one. Probably Christmas or Boxing Day - might be both, depending how generous Santa is with things that need testing out - running related ones and cake & alcohol πŸ˜€

  • Hope you'll soon be back out there Dags!! Take care petal x

  • Depending on how frosty it is (don't want to slip and fall over) I might run Christmas Eve whilst my father and husband are at church - maybe Boxing Day, too.

  • At least one of those for me. Great idea RFC.

  • I'm due to graduate tomorrow. Definitely planning to run on Christmas Eve, and hopefully Boxing Day, too. My children have banned me from running on Christmas Day!

  • I'm in, I love running on Christmas Day and I will be out Boxing Day too and New Year's Day.... I love running around Christmas so I can eat more and it just feels so good to be outside and not at work!!!!

  • Count me in. I am planning a run along South Shields beach on Christmas morning. Good opportunity to clear my head before the Christmas mayhem begins.

  • Oooh, how lovely. Discovered how beautiful that beach is this Summer when we had to schlep our son a long way to find an educational psychologist to assess and report on him. Thought then how glorious it would be to run on. Enjoy!

  • Yes I'd like to,join in - probably early Christmas Eve before the mince pie fest x ⛄️

  • Yes, please count me in! I've run on Christmas Day and New Year's Day since I started running, which must mean that the weather has been kind for the last three years - fingers crossed again! Oh, and last year I ran on NYD in my skeleton tights, and they nearly fell down - oops! :D

    Happy running, everyone!

  • I'm in

  • Count me in please ☺

  • Oh yes! I'm planning on running through the city centre on the 25th, a rare chance to run without having to dodge millions of tourists!

  • Ooh count me in please. At very least I will be doing a Boxing Day parkrun in Boston, Lincs.

  • Caroline69

  • Cheers RFC, I'm definitely in xxx

  • Hope to be doing park run with my family on Boxing Day. Tho it will be a very slow run aka walk as a. I'm injured and b. It'll be a struggle to get my son to walk fast that far let alone run - he has severe learning difficulties/ASD and a VERY short attention span !! But I really want us to do it as a family.

    So don't think it will count as a 'run' but we will be out there πŸ˜€

  • Yes count me in , planning a fun run on Boxing day for charity, 4 miles I think :)

  • Count me in, please. Will be running on Boxing Day at parkrun, but I'm thinking of sneaking an extra run in on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

  • I'm IN.. 12/24 Christmas Eve,,, Week 6, Day 2 (modified time extension). 12/26 Day After Christmas Week 7, Day 1. This will be my "On Location" training time. I will be running the course for my first 5 K.

    This is kinda intimidating. But Laura will be with me, I'll be OK. :)

  • I am going to give it a go - will be a challenge to fit it in so I am going to try to take the first opportunity.

  • I'm in for the 26th because that is an extra celebration for me. On Boxing Day two years ago I decided to get out of bed and run outside for the first time after graduating. I've been outside since!

  • Hello, yes please, I'd like to take part! I'm due to run on the 24th and the 26th according to the schedule, so I'll post the best 1 of 2 ;-).

  • Yes count me in. I will run either Christmas eve or Boxing day

  • From my IC I will definitely do the most virtual of all ... :) I will run in my own imagination among snowy peaks or maybe along infinite beaches, not sure yet what I'll choose - oh and I will be with every single one of you during your run! :) Happy Solstice and Christmas everyone!!

  • I'll do my run for you. RFC X.

  • Thank you RFC! x

  • I'm in!

  • I'm in. Feel I'll need an extra reason to get out on boxing day!

  • I am in - either the last day of Week 6 or first of Week 7.

  • And me!

  • Christmas Eve for me too, and maybe Boxing Day but not committing to that one :D

  • I'm in. Christmas Eve and Christmas day for me.

  • Sign me up for my first 5k run on Christmas morning. Did a trial today to see if the body is up to it and bring it on! :-D

  • Hoping to head out Christmas Eve... ( although I may be too excited...only one more sleep 'til Christmas :) )

    Count me in!

  • Hi RFC, I hope to do the Boxing Day parkrun if the wind drops enough

  • Yes! I will run Christmas Eve. Last Year I ran Boxing Day morning after a Christmas Day excess of eating and drinking from noon. At the time, my best runs to date. Felt great afterwards!

  • I'm in. Next scheduled run is tomorrow and again boxing day, both will be week 2 runs

  • Please count me in!

  • Count me in on boxing day! I ran 5.8k today so will be a gentle 4-5k I expect

  • Hi I am also up for virtual run, Boxing day will be good for me. Please add me


  • Definitely me for this! Just done a quick 2 miles before anyone else is up and about!

  • I should really commit to doing this. Count me in for Christmas Day.

  • Count me in for 24th and 26th.

  • Bit late to the party (as usual). Wasn't sure I could commit to a run but have managed a 5k today, Boxing Day.

  • Did Southsea park run today, very, very windy difficult return leg.

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