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W2R1 ankle pain

I'm loving the freedom of running, especially in the rain. I'm 44 and very unfit but this really feels doable. It makes me feel better in so many ways. However, I have a persistent pain in my right ankle- just above my foot and to the inside front of my leg. On W1R1,2&3 it didnt get any worse overvthe week- I elevated it, stretched and used ibuprofen and deep heat. I run really slowly and with a relatively short stride. It's not worse but its not better either. I REALLY don't want it to stop me achieving 5k. Im overweight which doesn't help, but this plan is all part of addressing that. Any advice?

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It may be worth getting your shoes checked out. Go to a running shop with gait analysis. They can advise of the best type of shoe for you.

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I used to get that when i first started, and sore shins too. Definitely check your feet are not rolling in your shoes. Doing stretches like rolling your feet around with legs off the floor (I sit on the sofa to do this) or standing backwards on a small step with your toes and lowering your heels over the edge both really help. I also changed my running position so I was leaning forward slightly, which meant I wasn't landing quite so hard on my feet.

If it continues though, you should get it checked out as you don't want to injure yourself.

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Firstly, I suggest reading the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which will answer many of your questions.

Go slow, keep footfall under body, avoid heelstrike. Make sure your shoes are appropriate by having a gait analysis at a specialist running shop.

Don't run in pain.

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